Jill Thompson visits Riverdale

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Jill Thompson visits Riverdale

Twitter is a wonderful thing — it allows people to speak and share their mind, and in the case of comics, show off cool artwork. After Eric Powell broke the news that Evan Dorkin was guest-writing an issue of The Goon, Dorkin’s Beasts of Burden partner Jill Thompson posted an interesting sketch of her own:

That’s right: Jill Thompson drawing Archie’s Jughead and Betty. On her Twitter feed, Thompson simply stated “so I’m doodling these guys… I think they work in my style.” Seconds later, she posts a painted version:

Before readers get their minds going, this is probably just an exercise and not some tease of Jill Thompson working on an Archie project.

But what do you think, readers — how does Jill do drawing Archie?