Japanese Fans Think Godzilla Has Gotten Fat on American ‘Cola and Pizza’

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Of all the potential things Godzilla fans might have been able to complain about in regard to Gareth Edwards’ franchise reboot, the monster’s weight probably isn’t what Legendary Pictures expected.

And yet, according to The Hollywood Reporter, plenty of Japanese fans have commented on the creature’s girth, with comments like, “Whichever way you look at it, he’s an American fatty,” and “He got fat in America on cola and pizza.”

Of course, that mirrors the general sentiment overseas that Americans are overweight, which is fair criticism considering obesity levels in the United States are nearly 10 times higher than in Japan.

Still, this kind of kaiju body-shaming doesn’t do anyone any good. However, if that’s the biggest complaint people have about the film, then it seems like Edwards, Legendary and Warner Bros. are in pretty good shape going into its May 16 release.