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Issue #160

by  in CBR Exclusives Comment
Issue #160
  • Y’know, people are always complaining how there’s no diversity in comics. But retailers wag all 17,000 pages of PREVIEWS and point out how there’s too much diversity out there, and they can’t possibly keep up with it all. Retailers are right. Can’t keep up with it all myself. The problem isn’t that there’s not enough diversity, it’s that nobody knows about it!

    Well, we do what we can, know what I mean? Take a look at what’s coming out in the near future:

    (And click on titles to reach any webpages about them, okay? If you’ve got a question or comment, get in touch with the talent or publisher, not me.)

  • URBAN DREAMS: The collaborators in the anthology are: Diego Alvarez, Patricio Betteo, Alberto Calvo, Santiago Casares, Daniel Cosío, Rogelio Lopez, Ricardo Reyes, Tony Sandoval, Felipe Sobreiro and Luis Sopelana. The book was self published in Mexico, through Tekila Penguin. The book costs $8.00 (including S&H to anywhere in the world). URBAN DREAMS is a 64 page anthology of modern fantasy comics. From a boy learning about legacy, to a town infested by flying dead whales, there is a dream for everybody inside this book.

  • BloodRayne: Skies Afire #1 is copyright ©2004 Echo 3 Worldwide, LLC. The BloodRayne logo and characters are trademarks of Majesco Sales, Inc. copyright ©2004 Majesco Sales, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

    BLOODRAYNE: Vampire blood. Human heart. Deadly intentions. History and horror merge as Agent BloodRayne and the Brimstone Society slice their way through the demons of the night. Echo 3 Worldwide brings you a series of full color one-shots – based on the popular video game from Majesco – to be published quarterly starting this December. Look for it under the Digital Webbing imprint. BLOODRAYNE: SKIES AFIRE #1 is written and lettered by Steven O’Connell, co-written by Jeffery Stevenson, and beautifully illustrated by Romano Molenaar and Marco Galli. Colors by Blond. Full Color. One-shot. 32 pages. $3.99. Listed in the October Diamond Previews under the Digital Webbing Imprint.

  • DRUNK AND DISORDERLY: THE DRUNK DUCK COLLECTION VOL. 2. $14.95, 224 pages, black and white, with a color cover. is a webcomic community where creators do the obvious things of talk about and make comics. This book is an anthology of various people’s work that have webcomics on the site. (The book has all new and original material.) My part of the anthology is a 20 paged fast paced sci-fi/action/crime story drawn by the talented Johan R. H.
  • NIGHT. Troy Hasbrouck, writer and Buddy Prince, artist. $2.95, 24 pgs., black and white. A rash of gangland murders is occurring across the nation. FBI agent Sabrina Voght is sent to investigate these brutal mysterious maulings, finds a grisly assemblage: werewolves. A mix of action and suspense, this book shows some mild violence, perfect for any reader who lives for the macabre. Written in the vein of Walking Dead and 30 days of Night.

  • CAPTAIN GRAVITY: THE POWER OF THE VRIL. Writer, Joshua Dysart; pencils, Sal Velluto; inks, Bob Almond; colors, Mike Garcia. CAPTAIN GRAVITY is a six-issue series set in 1939 and brimming with exotic locales, historic figures, the occult, evil nazis, and lotsa pulp-style action. Think Indiana Jones meets the Rocketeer. It’s solicited in the latest PREVIEWS October catalog for shipping 12/1 and priced at $2.95 per 24 pg. issue.

  • YETS! by Mike Bocianowski. Enter the Omniverse, an unusual TreeWorld with a talking Guinea Pig who is the captain of the ship; Niagara, a Chihuahua; and the fantastic Yets, who come in many shapes and sizes. These Yets haven’t decided on the name of their species “yet”… but whatever you do don’t call them dragons (no matter what they look like)! From Airwave Comics, $ 3.50.

  • CENOZOIC, written & illustrated by Mark Fearing. Part satire, part funny-animal book, the first issue of CENOZOIC introduces “Cave Bear and Duck” and features the return of “Jerry Caveman, Inventor.” CENOZOIC: a comic book 65 million years in the making. Of course you can say the same thing about Velcro and rubber bands. Black & white, 32 pages, $2.95. Available from O-P-P in the September Diamond Catalog.

  • HOLMES, written & illustrated by Omaha Perez. A vicious skewering of Doyle’s classic literary creations, this Sherlock Holmes has more in common with Iggy Pop than Basil Rathbone. Expanding on Watson’s revelation that Holmes was a narcotics addict, HOLMES takes that premise several steps further: Holmes is a maniac completely out of his head on drugs at all times and Watson, his own personal “Dr. Feelgood”, isn’t much better off. Debuting at APE in April ’05.

  • MALCOLM MAGIC, created and written by Robin Etherington, with Lawrence Ehterington, co-creator and artist, and Mark Clements, web wonders. $5.33 (£3.00), from Blink Twice. Malcolm Magic is a bi-monthly black and white comedy featuring an alcoholic rabbit, his disparate friends and their attempts to survive the trials and tribulations associated with Snake conspiracies, psychotic Pandas and inter-dimensional Walruses. If you like the thought of FUTURAMA meeting SPACED in a collision of pop culture and action-packed situational comedy, then this is your comic.

  • DOPE FIENDS OF THE ZOMBIE CAFE, published by Hula Cat Comics. Words by Sean Frost. Art and cover by Rafer Roberts. Dr. Gravely’s experimental, radioactive preservative leaks into Centerville’s marijuana crop, initiating the human testing phase ahead of schedule! Join high school pinball champ Tommy and his best gal Betty Marie as they battle beatnik zombies, poetry readings, and mad science in DOPE FIENDS OF THE ZOMBIE CAFE. 30 pages, B&W, color cover. $4.00 (S/H inc.)

  • DRIVE, written by Nate Southard, with art by Shawn Richter and introduction by Larry Young. Brian Ray has a maniac with a bag of narcotics in the back seat, a pair of crooked cops on his tail, and a mafia heavy lurking in the shadows. His girlfriend’s on his case and a best friend’s on his nerves. Time to put the pedal to the metal and drive. 88 pages of crime and action in beautiful black and white, $11.95. Available in February 2005 from Frequency Press.

  • WHISP #3, written by Damian Duffy with art by Dann Tincher. The best psychic junkie comic on the narket returns with its groundbreaking third issue! The future: A fiery hole smoulders where the rehabilitation center wall once stood. The past: the wall stands, it warning of “No Trespassing” seeming more like a dare. The present: An explosion scatters the conrete and barbed wire. See time fall apart, panel by panel. Mature themes. 32pgs, B&W, $2.00. Available for preorder in the October Previews. Order code: OCT042906.

  • BERSERKER, written by Jens Altmann with art by Harris O’Malley. The Huntsman and his pack hunt the lost souls in the city. After a thousand years, his eternal enemy, Honest Eckart, has worked out a plan to end the threat of the Huntsman once and for all. For that he needs a lost soul willing to take the curse of the Berserker upon himself, and Duncan Hart is that lost soul. Published by Studio Underhill, BERSERKER will hopefully appear in Previews later this year.
  • 430 Comics’ anthology SHADES OF WHITE contains Jens Altmann’s short story “Cyborg Assault Hamsters”, hilariously illustrated by Lee Hunter. General Galax sends a trio of cybernetically enhanced hamsters to sabotage a hostile missile strike. SHADES OF WHITE should be available in the UK in November or December of 2004.
  • 430 Comics will also publish Jens Altmann’s one-shot SCOOP, about a reporter who uncovers a superhero’s secret identity, and publishes it. Art by Brendan McGinley. No publication date yet.
  • Jens Altmann has also written several issues of SPACE CREW 2050 for Iconic Comics. At the center of the 12 issue miniseries is a group of space rangers who have to content with the machinations of a galaxy-wide corporation. Other writers for this series are Robert Brown and Heather Sommer. The series will be solicited as soon as the art is completed.
  • IMMORTAL KISS, from Graphic Illusions Studios. Six issue miniseries co-written by Jens Altmann. Two Chicago detectives are caught between two warring vampire clans. Complicating the matter is a “lone wolf” vampire who seeks to destroy both clans. Publication date uncertain.
  • EVERYMAN Vol. 1: Be The People. Written by the Brothers Goldman, illustrated by Joe Bucco, from FWDbooks. $6.00, 96pg B&W, in stores October 13th. President Henry R. Birch knows something the American people don’t: he’s fixed the next election with a nationwide “upgrade” of electronic voting machines. What he doesn’t know is that Thomas Womack and his associates in the grassroots political organization One Love have hard evidence of this in hand, and the wherewithal to tell the world… in the midst of his second Inauguration Ceremony. What follows is the ending of the America we live in, and the beginning of the one we’ve always dreamed of.
  • A DIFFERENT PACE, by David Hedgecock, Tetsu Liew, Vincent Ramirez, and Terry Flippo with a cover by Leanne Buckley. Four, beautifully illustrated, self-contained tales introduce us to the sci-fi world of lovely Lily and her rag-tag crew of space pirates who scour the galaxy in search of ancient treasure and grand adventure. Star Wars meets Tomb Raider with a funktastic flare! 96 page original graphic novel, squarebound with color cover and b&w interiors. Retails for $11.95. Published by those geniuses over at Ape Entertainment. Available through Diamond Distribution in December. In Comic Shoppes everyone beginning in February.
  • MORA. Created, written and illustrated by Paul Harmon, Published by Image Comics. Maxi-series debuting in March. Great Evil doesn’t just happen… Even the most powerful witch was once a sweet child, witness the birth of a witch. Folklore, fairytale, and legend run wild and savage in the epic tale of the life of the most powerful witch that ever lived, MORA.
  • PUPPET TERRORS: MURDER, MAYHEM… NO STRINGS ATTACHED. Four issue mini-series. #1 has just been released, with #2 scheduled for December. The creepiest toys around are jumping out of their toy boxes and into comic book mayhem! Just by looking at them you can tell that Bunky The Clown and Death Row Joe are not your average, everyday toys. In the confines of their owner’s bedroom, when no one is around, we can see how different Bunky and Joe truly are. They walk, they talk (often using profanity,) and on occasion get into trouble. For their whole lives they thought they we’re the only living toys in existence, but one fateful day trouble found them and changed and their lives forever.

    Meanwhile, far far away, deep in the South Pole an army is amassing, an army of toys ready for a war. Trouble is indeed on the horizon and these 2 separate worlds collide in a big way! 24 pgs, $3.00

  • GRAVYBOY, by writer Marty Blevins and artist Brian Shearer, from Jackrabbit Stewdios. Issue 0 available now. $1, November 2004. $2.50. Philbert Pharmac is destined to change the world. The only two things holding him back? 1) A cosmic screw-up that gave him the wrong power and 2) middle school. Now Philbert must face his undiscovered destiny and the schoolyard bullies with only his skateboard and an ability to manipulate gravy.

  • MYRIAD. $2.99. Five Stories, Five Teams, Two Covers, One Anthology! ChiSai: action/revenge from Bart Thompson and Steve Fox; Lineage: Sci-fi/Fantasy from Chris Tsuda and Jay Jacobs; MBD: Supernatural Pirate Adventure from Richard Nelson and Eli Ivory; Discount Stories: Slice of Life from John Ward and Steve Doty; & Frail: Cerebral Horror by Chris O’Bryant and James Sandman. Coloring by Lynx Studios. Approbation Comics, Box 70244, Louisville KY 40270-0244

  • CHILDREN OF THE GRAVE. Written by Tom Waltz and drawn by Casey Maloney, from Shooting Star Comics. An ultra-covert three-man special forces team known as “Team Orphan” is sent into the embattled Middle Eastern country of Stinwan to investigate ethnic cleansing — including the wholesale murder of children — by a rogue Stinwanese colonel. Upon arriving in-country, the team comes across a number of mass graves and find that many of the smaller graves — presumably those of the small children murdered by the colonel and his followers — are mysteriously empty. Soon Team Orphan is ordered to hunt down and assassinate the murderous colonel. As they embark on their new mission, the Special Forces team quickly comes to the haunting conclusion that they are not alone in their search for the colonel — that the murdered children have somehow come back from their graves to seek revenge against their killer. 32 black and white pages, available Jan. 2005. $2.95.

  • CSI: CENTRAL CITY, by Dan Mishkin. “Although I have a couple of projects beginning in winter and spring, the publishers would prefer that I not announce them yet. But I don’t think anyone can prevent me from touting the cool project I’m not doing. The inspiration for this came while watching an episode of CSI I realized that these guys were doing the job that Barry Allen did way back when (though we never really saw much of it, and never in such lovingly gory detail), and that longtime fans would probably go wild over CSI: CENTRAL CITY, a one-shot or mini that teamed one of the TV casts with the Flash. Barry Allen has to work with the finest analytical minds around while protecting his secret identity from them? How cool is that? Not cool enough to convince DC and IDW, unfortunately; maybe they both knew that persuading CBS to go along would be too much hassle.”
  • STARSHIP TROOPERS: BLAZE OF GLORY BOOK 1: ALAMO BAY, written by Tony Lee with art by Sam Hart and Rod Reis. 90 pgs b&w, $14.95 from Mongoose Publishing. Will Tanner, a Trooper recruit, is sent with friends on what is supposed to be a standard rescue mission – but things take a turn for the worse… Available in November.

  • HYSTERIA V.2: ONE MAN GANG. A 100 page, all out, action comic featuring Bruce Lopez, the One Man Gang. The plan is to set up the fight with one panel and wrap it up with one panel. Bunches of punches in between. From Oni Press, and Eisner Award Nominated artist Mike Hawthorne. Available for pre-order in January. In stores March.

  • NIGHTMARE WORLD: “NO HOPE=NO FEAR” 2004 SUMMER SPECTACULAR. Written by Aaron Weisbrod, illustrated by Josh Ross, Jeff Welborn, Len O’Grady, and Mark Matlock, and published by Golden Goat Studios, Inc. A disenfranchised demon must chose between two lifestyles, a pair of giant radioactive monsters must form a truce or die trying, a wannabe goth-rocker tries to sell his soul for rock and roll, and a lonely police officer shares his darkest secret with his secret crush. Collecting three previously-released eight-page stories from Nightmare World as well as an exclusive brand-new bonus story, this black and white anthology is available through the Nightmare World website or 32 pages, four stories, and no ads for $2.95.

  • PANEL: HOME, $3 from Ferret Press. Contributors include Dan Barlow, Andy Bennett, Steve Black, Craig Bogart, Matt Kish, Tim McClurg, Sean McGurr, Dara Naraghi, and Tom Williams. Available after November via Ferret Press, Cold Cut Distributors, FM International. The Columbus, Ohio based comix collaborative knows as Panel will debut the 4th volume of their anthology at this year’s Mid-Ohio-Con (November 27-28). The theme of “home” is filtered through each creator’s unique interpretation, resulting in a diverse collection of stories. Works about adoption, war, and obsession are found alongside stories of unwanted roommates, lost cats, and lost souls. Continuing a tradition established in previous volumes, the book will be presented with an innovative packaging which challenges the notion of what a small press comic should look like.
  • I hope everyone finds something new in that list to try, and enjoy. The regular features like reviews, mail, politics and TWO HEADS TALK will be back next week, and, gosh, so much more besides. In the meantime, check out Beau Smith’s latest rant, and swing over to PAPER MOVIES and pick up my book of essays on comics, culture and more, TOTALLY OBVIOUS, in .pdf. Or check out anything else on the site. I’m not picky.

    Back to work…

    Those wishing to comment should leave messages on the Permanent Damage Message Board. You can also e-mail me but the chances of a reply are next to nil these days, given my workload, though I do read all my e-mail as long as it’s not trying to sell me something. IMPORTANT: Because a lot of people apparently list it in their e-address books, this account has gotten a slew of virus-laden messages lately. They’re no real threat but dealing with them eats up time I don’t really have, to the extent I can no longer accept unsolicited e-mail with attachments. If you want to send something via attachment (say, art samples) ask me first. If I say okay, then send. Unsolicited e-mail with attachments will be wiped from the server without being read. You can also leave messages for me and have discussions on other topics at my Delphi forum, GRAPHIC VIOLENCE. Please don’t ask me how to break into the business, or who to submit work to. The answers to those questions are too mercurial for even me to keep up with.

    Those wanting to subscribe to the WHISPER e-mail newsletter should click here.

    I’m reviewing comics sent to me – I may not like them but certainly I’ll mention them – at Steven Grant c/o Permanent Damage, 2657 Windmill Pkwy #194, Henderson NV 89074, so send ’em if you want ’em mentioned, since I can’t review them unless I see them. Some people have been sending press releases and cover proofs and things like that, which I enjoy getting, but I really can’t do anything with them, sorry. Full comics only, though they can be photocopies rather than the published version. Make sure you include contact information for readers who want to order your book.

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