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Issue #111

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Issue #111
  • The last week’s been a time-wasting whirlwind. Finishing scripts, going to The Las Vegas Comicon (about which more next week) and the Las Vegas-based Diamond fall trade show, and… Translation: I didn’t have time to write a column this week. (Circumstances have kept me from delving into politics for two weeks now, so for those who read this column for political commentary – and to them what love to write to say, “Mr. Grant, you are an expert on comic books, but please stick to your area of expertise,” let me just say the e-mail I get loving the politics stuff far outnumbers your messages – go to this site today and check back here next week.) But I still have my lousy little low-res digital camera that turns the sort of florescent lighting you find in the common convention center into amazing and unexpected special effects, and I did have time to use that.

    So here are a horde of pictures from the Las Vegas Con and the Diamond Trade Show, and a smattering of notes at the end of the column, and I’ll see you next week.

    Adam Hughes Ale Garza
    Bill Willingham Brian Bendis
    Brian of Brian Pulido’s Hand Jive
    Claypool Comics’ David Seidman Dan Brereton
    Dan Norton Darwyn Cooke
    DC’s Bob Wayne DC’s Patty Jeres
    Eric Shanower Ford Gilmore
    “The Goon” creator Eric Powell Guardian’s Of Order’s Jesse Scoble
    IDW’s Publisher Ted Adams Internetter Cary Coatney
    James Hudnall Jeff Mariotte
    JH Williams Joe Linsner
    Kurt Busiek Lee Bermejo
    Mark Texeira Psychedelic Psycho Team

    Dan Brereton and James Hudnall

    Rick Hoberg with Halo Ron Lim
    Ted Naifeh The ethereal Bob Chapman
    Tommy Castillo Top Cow’s Matt Hawkins
    Writer David Wohl Writer/Publisher Nat Gertler
  • Just because there’s always something to shill and my creditors never take rest…

    I haven’t got the energy to be subtle this week: buy DAMNED. I wrote it, Mike Zeck and Denis Rodier drew it, it’s a crime story, Wildstorm published the mini-series, and Cyberosia just released it in trade paperback, with additional material including a new cover and new ending. If you need convincing, next week I’ll list all the hot reviews of the book, but right now it’s that tired thing. (I’ve been hawking MY FLESH IS COOL, my new crime/sci-fi/horror mini-series for Avatar Press, at the Diamond Show for the last five hours, talked with a lot of really great retailers, and I’m pooped.)

    Likewise, the honor roll of retailers selling DAMNED is suspended for a week, but it’ll be back next week, so be sure to let me know anyone who has escaped listing so far, because I want them get the credit due them. Thanks.

    I’ve got a copy of Guardians Of Order‘s Silver Age Sentinels’ anthology PATH OF THE JUST, featuring my short prose story “Citizens” (as well as 14 others by the likes of John Ostrander and Ed Greenwood) and an introduction by Dennis O’Neil, and it’s a great looking job. Keep your eyes open for it.

    I’m sure there’s something else I should be telling you, like Image‘s forthcoming WATERLOO SUNSET has terrific art (which it does; haven’t read the story so I can’t comment on that), but I can’t remember what it is. Next week…

    Those wishing to comment should leave messages on the Permanent Damage Message Board. You can also e-mail me but the chances of a reply are next to nil these days, given my workload, though I do read all my e-mail as long as it’s not trying to sell me something. IMPORTANT: Because a lot of people apparently list it in their e-address books, this account has gotten a slew of virus-laden messages lately. They’re no real threat but dealing with them eats up time I don’t really have, to the extent I can no longer accept unsolicited e-mail with attachments. If you want to send something via attachment (say, art samples) ask me first. If I say okay, then send. Unsolicited e-mail with attachments will be wiped from the server without being read. You can also leave messages for me and have discussions on other topics at my Delphi forum, GRAPHIC VIOLENCE. Please don’t ask me how to break into the business, or who to submit work to. The answers to those questions are too mercurial for even me to keep up with.

    Those wanting to subscribe to the WHISPER e-mail newsletter should click here.

    I’m reviewing comics sent to me – I may not like them but certainly I’ll mention them – at Steven Grant c/o Permanent Damage, 2657 Windmill Pkwy #194, Henderson NV 89074, so send ’em if you want ’em mentioned, since I can’t review them unless I see them. Some people have been sending press releases and cover proofs and things like that, which I enjoy getting, but I really can’t do anything with them, sorry. Full comics only, though they can be photocopies rather than the published version. Make sure you include contact information for readers who want to order your book.

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