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Is C.B. Cebulski declaring war on Wizard?

by  in Comic News Comment
Is C.B. Cebulski declaring war on Wizard?

That seems to be the case as the Marvel Comics editor let loose a series of angry (but under 140 character) rants on his Twitter page regarding the financially unstable comics magazine. Here’s a quick sampling:

More shoddy, sensationalistic reporting in the new Wizard. Let them retweet that as it seems this is where they’re getting all their “news”.

I would have no problem with Wizard if they treated this industry and its creators with the respect, dignity and honesty they deserve.

We have enough stupid, petty backstabbing and bullshit in this biz already and don’t need them undermining it further.

Ouchie. Cebulski goes on to point out some contradictory sexism that’s honestly plagued the magazine for a long time. I guess the moral of the story is: Don’t use Cebulski’s tweets as a jumping off point for your magazine article (if that’s indeed what was the source of the trouble).

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