I Guess I Can Give You All a LITTLE Bit More

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I Guess I Can Give You All a LITTLE Bit More

I’ll be honest, I never bothered to finish counting the entire thing, because it seemed a bit silly to rank, like, Morrison/Millar’s Flash run versus the Kesels’ Hawk and Dove run (for the record, they were tied, each receiving two votes, for a total of four points). So you probably won’t ever see a final list (as I don’t have one), but I dunno, maybe someday in the distant future.

However, if a run appeared enough times to stand out, I counted them, and I figure, okay, 50 points is at least sorta notable, so that’ll be my cut-off point. Starting tomorrow, I’ll give the fifty-six additional runs that received at least fifty points.

Ten a weekday, except for the “top” six. So by my math, that means next Monday you’ll see #103-110, right?

Thanks, by the way, for all the kind words about the top runs countdown!