Hero Initiative’s “New Avengers” Gallery

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With their latest charity auction currently underway, The Hero Initiative has provided CBR News with the complete gallery of their New Avengers-themed fundraiser. Having printed over 100 blank cardstock cover copies of “New Avengers” #1, The Hero Initiative contacted more than 100 artists to provide each copy with exclusive, one of a kind sketches. Participating names include Walt Simonson, Alan Davis, John Byrne, Joe Linsner, Adam Kubert, Herb Trimpe, Al Milgrom, John Romita Sr. and Jr. and many more.

All of the covers will be auctioned off on ebay, with some auctions already underway. Proceeds go to benefit The Hero Initiative. As they’ve done in the past with events of this nature, The Hero Initiative will be offering special hardcover collection of all the covers in the future.

John Beatty Jason Bone

Daniel Bradford Nick Bradshaw

Dan Brereton David Bullock

John Byrne Jim Calafiore

Andy Carrean Jonathan Case

Ron Chan Howard Chaykin

Howard Chaykin Joyce Chin

Ian Churchill Ryan Cody

Amanda Conner Colleen Coover

Alan Davis Mike Deodato Jr.

Mike Deodato Jr. Ben Dewey

Terry Dodson Mark dos Santos

Rich Ellis Steve Epting

Tony Fleecs Derek Fridolf

Agnes Garbowska Dave Gibbons

Ben Glendenning Bob Hall

Chris Hanchey Jim Hanna

Fred Hembeck Phil Hester

Stuart Immonen Chris Ivy

Staz Johnson Dave Johnson

Karl Kesel Leonard Kirk

Scott Koblish Rich Koslowski

Adam Kubert Andy Kuhn

Steve Kurth Ken Lashley

Jae Lee Rick Leonardi

Steve Lieber Joe Linsner

Jorge Lucas David Mack

Mike Mayhew John McCrea

John McCrea Mark McKenna

Mike McKone Steve McNiven

Danny Miki Danny Miki

Danny Miki Al Milgrom

Albert Morales Chris Moreno

Bill Morrison Marat Mychaels

David Nakayama Todd Nauck

Mike Oeming Tom Palmer

Jimmy Palmiotti Tony Parker

George Perez Mike Perkins

Don Perlin Khoi Pham

Jake Phillips Sean Phillips

Whilce Portacio Joe Prado

Joe Prado Gordon Purcell

Tom Raney James Riot

Tone Rodriguez Tone Rodriguez

Tone Rodriguez John Romita

John Romita Jr. Craig Rousseau

Tim Sale Alex Saviuk

Stuart Sayger Patrick Scherberger

Tim Seeley Stephen Segovia

Walt Simonson Andy Smith

Aaron Sowd Joe Staton

Billy Tan Roy Thomas and Ty Templeton

Herb Trimpe Jim Valentino

Nate van Dyke Carly Wagner

Nate Watson and Steve Wyatt Lee Weeks

Ron Wilson Marc Wolfe

Leinil Francis Yu Richard Zajac

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