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Handy Timeline Lays Out Events of Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Handy Timeline Lays Out Events of Marvel Cinematic Universe

If while watching the $1 billion-plus blockbuster The Avengers you were a little fuzzy as to where the events of 2008’s The Incredible Hulk fit in with those of 2011’s Thor, or why the god of thunder left with the Tesseract, Marvel’s here to help: The studio has released the Jeff Powell-designed timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that appeared in the book The Art of Marvel’s The Avengers.

The handy guide begins 1,000 years BIM — that’s before Tony Stark declared “I am Iron Man” — with the invasion of Earth by Jotenheim, and takes us through Bruce Banner’s bombardment by gamma radiation to the discovery of Captain America in the Arctic to the assembly of the Avengers. It’s fun, comprehensive stuff that even takes into account the “Marvel One-Shot: The Consultant” DVD extra, which of course means it’s just begging for someone to come along and point out a continuity error.

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