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Guardians of the Galaxy #17

by  in Comic Reviews Comment
Guardians of the Galaxy #17

The “War of Kings” aftermath hits “Guardians of the Galaxy” as part of the team is looking for the other part of the team and blaming the Inhumans for creating a continuously expanding fault in reality that threatens to consume the entire galaxy. To make matters worse, something comes through the fault, “Spawning organisms from the pustules on its tentacles.” Never did I think I’d be typing that in one of my reviews. Then again, every issue of “Guardians of the Galaxy” has offered a new spin on old concepts, old spins on new concepts and all-around really cool stuff. With a range of characters and personalities at their disposal, Abnett and Lanning are free to do pretty much anything and that is exactly what they do.

The debriefing segments, as always, allow the reader to catch up on the background behind the action and the action flies fast and furious in this issue. Realities are unmade, timelines are set flapping loose and multiple characters get stabbed through their chests — just in this issue! Jay David Ramos throws down some of the most electrifying colors in any comic on the rack nowadays, and he’s got the superb (and still improving!) artwork of Brad Walker to throw those colors on top of. This is one impressive looking book, and the sheer amount of stuff in this issue is worth the price of admission just to look at.

The story here changes the team and their mission for the foreseeable future. There are no less than two characters who appear to die in this issue, but as with comic book carnage, this may not be permanent. Next issue will certainly reveal a bit more.

I’ve said it before and it bears repeating: this is the greatest title you are not currently reading (unless you are reading it!). If you read these reviews looking for a book to sample, stop right now. Get yourself $3 and go try this book out. This issue is an excellent sample of feel this title has been working on. There’s a lot to read through here, and on first flip, it may seem burdensome, but Abnett and Lanning make this an enjoyable read. Each issue has subsequently trumped the previous issue, but not in simple one-upsmanship. Abnett and Lanning have been using the stories to build a bigger universe. What started with a handful of seemingly throwaway characters has evolved into a cornerstone of the cosmic side of the Marvel universe.