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Green Lantern Corps #39

by  in Comic Reviews Comment
Green Lantern Corps #39

It’s not easy to pull off a space adventure police procedural romance action horror comic. It’s not even easy to read a sentence containing all those words. But Peter Tomasi takes the promise of a “Green Lantern Corps” tie-in with “Blackest Night” and stays true to his series while giving you everything you’d want in a crossover issue.

It helps that he works so closely with Geoff Johns, but while Tomasi’s first issue of “Blackest Night: Batman” was merely fine, this issue of “Green Lantern Corps” is full of some seriously cosmic moments. Tomasi’s “Green Lantern Corps” has been a space-spanning romp since the beginning (or since he took over stewardship of the title) and that kind of intergalactic cross-cutting continues here, imbued with a heavy dose of Black Lantern fever.

This particular cover isn’t metaphorical. The dead Lanterns rise, and if there’s one thing the galaxy doesn’t need, it’s a battalion of Zombie Lanterns who remember just how much their comrades let them down. Most of them were killed by Hal Jordan, and even if they don’t mention it in this issue, it’s surely a part of their past that they haven’t quite forgotten yet.

(Oh, that time we were all slaughtered when our boyishly handsome superstar attention-hogging Lantern brother went rogue? Yeah, just because we’re zombies doesn’t mean we aren’t still full of rage about that whole incident.)

But this issue isn’t just about Zombie Lanterns — that’s just a small part of the comic, complete with a devilish twist at the end. It’s also about the fallout of the post-GLC salvation of Daxam, and the weird racism that runs rampant there. It’s about that creepy Yellow Lantern Kryb and the sadness that fills the page. It’s about Mongul, planning his own evil empire.

All that in the midst of a giant summer event. It’s as if Tomasi said, “this ‘Blackest Night’ stuff is great, but it’s too small in scope — I want ‘Green Lantern Corps’ to be even bigger.”

And if he doesn’t quite pull it off, he sets it up so that it looks like he might pull it off. There are a lot of things going on here, and he doesn’t put any of them on hold just because a thousand resurrected Lanterns crashed the party.