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Green Lantern Corps #11

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Green Lantern Corps #11

“Green Lantern Corps” #11 continues the “Alpha-War” story in spectacular, big-screen fashion as the Alpha Lanterns have crippled the Green Lantern Corps in their quest to terminate John Stewart. Stewart, meanwhile, has gone on the lam with Guy Gardner, avoiding the Alphas with all their ability.

Fernando Pasarin’s mesmerizing drawings are filled with stunning detail. His storytelling is strong as always, but sometimes the devils almost get lost for all the detail with characters melting into the swirling mass of extraterrestrial amazement that surrounds them. Lucky for Pasarin and inker Scott Hanna, Gabe Eltaeb and Dave Sharpe bring their mastery of coloring and lettering (respectively) to help divine the infrequent swirls of confusion. The end result is a collection of twenty gorgeous pages with tremendous detail work and an otherworldly range of characters and creatures begging to be studied and appreciated for the work committing them to the panels.

Peter Tomasi is strongest when he scripts the dialog between John and Guy, showing us what makes these two characters so strong and why they deserve to wield the rings. It’s ironic that two very human characters should be the strongest of a collection boasting “Corps” in the title. Salaak and Kilowog have some paneltime, but mostly just to deliver cliched lines that attempt to sum up their characters in limited space. The Alpha Lanterns fighting the rest of the Corps seems repetitive and slightly boring, but Tomasi redeems it by seeding dissent among the Alphas. Although, that’s not really an entirely fresh concept — it was dissent among the Corps that caused similar problems in the past. Seemingly, Lanterns fight against one another more often than not.

The basic premise of infighting in the Green Lantern Corps has made me weary enough to steer clear of this book for a while. With the Guardians infernal plotting set to explode, this is actually a good point to come back. I don’t feel as though I’ve missed much and the story is briskly paced with enough cues to continue forward momentum. Tomasi and Pasarin have isolated the threat in this chapter of the “Alpha-War” and offer hope of the Green Lantern Corps’ return to its primary directive of protecting the universe.