Godzilla stomps into new series with Duane Swierczynski and Simon Gane

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IDW editor Bobby Curnow announced on the IDW forums last week that Duane Swierczynski and Simon Gane will be the creators of a new Godzilla ongoing titled, simply, Godzilla. The series begins in May and will replace the current Godzilla:Kingdom of Monsters.

Curnow describes the new comic as a “soft reboot. ” He says that the story takes place in the same world as Kingdom of Monsters, but  the tone, characters, and plot will be new. “We might revisit some unanswered questions left by KOM,” he writes, “but for the most part, expect a completely different book.”

Further down in the thread, Curnow elaborates a little on the different tone. “I’m hesitant to describe it, because whatever I say will probably be inaccurate to a degree, or not paint a complete picture. But i’d say it’s overall a more consistent tone (I found KOM to kind of bop around between different tones). ‘Intelligent action movie’ might be a good, if incomplete, way to describe it.”

Many more details at the link, including cover artists and other members of the creative team.