Exclusive: Arthur & Emrys Return to Camelot in a Scene From Merlin

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SPINOFF ONLINE has been provided with an exclusive clip showcasing the more lighthearted side of this week’s episode of Syfy’s Merlin. Titled “The Wicked Day,” a reference to the fourth novel in Mary Stewart’s Arthurian Saga, the episode finds a potential assassin at Camelot just as Prince Arthur (Bradley James) is celebrating his birthday — and the festivities do, indeed, take a wicked turn. Arthur comes to realize there’s only one hope of solving the crisis, and that’s to seek out the mysterious old warlock Emrys (Colin Morgan). In this scene, Arthur has found Emrys and returns to Camelot.

“The Wicked Day” airs Friday at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Syfy.