England’s Wolverhampton Station becomes Wolverine Station (for today)

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On a day rife with fake announcements and Photoshoppery, this April Fool’s Day prank is real (or, rather, “real”): Wolverhampton Station, in England’s West Midlands, has been renamed Wolverine Station, if only for today. It’s a stunt orchestrated by Virgin Trains and Fox to promote X-Men: Days of Future Past.

London24 explains that the station’s 65 signs underwent the change, which was even reflected in the departure board at London’s Euston Station. Other signs (below) warned travelers about the potential threat posed by mutants. (Local radio station BBC WM even got in on the action, tweeting its opposition with a poster that reads “Mutant And Proud.”)

Actors Hugh Jackman and James McAvoy were also on hand Monday at Euston Station to unveil Virgin’s new 11-car train, which has been branded to promote X-Men: Days of Future Past (it will look that way until July).