Dreamworks animator’s “Action Movie Kid” brings his son’s playtime to life

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It’s easy to be jealous of kids in the modern era — they have so many wonderful toys. However, one dad has taken playtime to the next level by using Adobe Aftereffects on brief clips of his son playing around. Dreamworks animator Daniel Hashimoto alters clips of his son James to reflect the childlike wonder everyone felt as a kid when playing with lightsabers in the toy store or pretending a Nerf gun was actually a grappling hook. Hashimoto uploads the clips to the Action Movie Kid YouTube channel, and each of them has a different action movie spin.

Whether it’s James using the grappling gun or lightsaber, pretending the floor is lava “Community” style, or blasting off in a McDonald’s Play Place tower, Hashimoto does an incredible job of taking what most kids see in their imaginations whenever they play. Plus, come on — everyone could use one of Iron Man’s repulsor blasts at the breakfast table.

Check out some of Hashimoto’s handiwork below.

via Gizmodo