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Dragonball Evolution, Green Lantern: February 5th Comic Reel

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Dragonball Evolution, Green Lantern: February 5th Comic Reel

DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION has the new trailer (in English this time) for the manga adaptation.  

Starring Justin Chatwin, release date: April 8, 2009. 


CBR News has the scoop on Hal Jordan’s quest for direction.

No release dates or casting information released.


Variety has an article about Michael Bay filming in Jordan.  “We were able to get Michael Bay and his crew up to the top of a mountain in Petra by sunrise and back down again by sunset with the help of five helicopters from the air force,” says the Royal Film Commission’s George David. “No one has ever shot there before.”  Bay also shot footage in the valley area of Wadi Rum as well as the famously fertile city of Salt.

Starring Shia Lebeouf, release date: June 26, 2009.


More heavy metal — actor Robert Downey, Jr. told MTV that actor Mickey Rourke was not going to play the Crimson Dynamo.  “That’s actually incorrect,” Downey said.  When asked whether it would be Whiplash, the answer wasn’t as clear.  “I can neither confirm nor deny that,” said Downey. “Or maybe it’s some semblance of both.”

Directed by Jon Favreau, release date: May 7, 2010.


The leaks keep coming — Comic Book Movie has first look production stills from the animated tie-in.  

There’s also new audio and new photos at the The New Frontiersman viral site.

But check out this video

Directed by Zack Snyder, release date: March 6, 2009.


CBR News has new video clips and screen grabs from this week’s new episode.

Next episode: “Eyes of Despero,” February 6, 2009.


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