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Del Toro May Visit Pacific Rim Before Mountains Of Madness

by  in Movie News Comment
Del Toro May Visit <i>Pacific Rim</i> Before <i>Mountains Of Madness</i>

There’s been a flurry of non-news in the world of At the Mountains of Madness, filmmaker Guillermo del Toro’s H.P. Lovecraft adaptation. The short version: Producer Don Murphy told io9 that shooting was set to start in May and the the previously rumored Tom Cruise would indeed be starring in it. Murphy retracted his comments a short time later; Cruise isn’t confirmed and there’s no production start date because the movie is still in development.

We’re not done yet, though. Now Deadline is reporting that the lengthy hold-up with Mountains — one of the reasons del Toro left The Hobbit — may mean that the director takes on another job in the interim.

It seems that Legendary Pictures has him interested in a Travis Beacham-penned PG-13 tentpole called Pacific Rim, which features “big monsters and the creation of a new world.” No wonder he’s interested.

The problem at Universal relates to money, Deadline reveals. The studio is wary of investing in the $150 million film, especially since it’s going to need an R-rating to satisfy del Toro. He still wants to do Mountains, of course — it’s a project that he’s invested years into at this point — but may end up moving onto something more solid until the studio’s concerns are ironed out.

Got all that?

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