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DC Comics Comic Book Urban Legends

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DC Comics Comic Book Urban Legends

* Jim Shooter wrote comic books when he was 13 years old.

* DC must publish at least four issues of Wonder Woman a year or else lose the rights to the property.

* Youngblood was a reworking of a pitch Rob Liefeld made to DC for Team Titans.

* Fawcett Comics had to stop publishing Captain Marvel because it lost a copyright lawsuit brought by DC Comics.

* Wonder Girl was added to the Teen Titans by mistake.

* DC changed the outcome of a comic book because the original ending had been leaked to the public.

* All-Star Comics #3 was an inter-company crossover.

* Woody Allen was once featured in an issue of DC’s Showcase.

*After the Captain Marvel decision, DC bought Fawcett’s characters.

* DC had an ongoing comic that simply repackaged old TV tie-in comics.

* The woman on the cover of House of Secrets #92 (Swamp Thing’s first appearance) is Louise Simonson.

* A DC comic character invented in 1964 did not make his debut until 1992.

* Christopher Priest killed off a character in a comic because of ownership rights.

* Aquaman’s first cover appearance was with the Justice League, nineteen years after he first appeared!

* Justice Society of America was cancelled for a reason other than sales.

* The Protector was created to co-star with the Titans in the pages of their Anti-Drug comic book.

* The Golden Age Green Lantern’s name was originally Alan Ladd.

* Elliot S! Maggin’s big break came from a story he got from Jeph Loeb!

* Wonder Woman creator William Moulton Marston invented the polygraph test!

* John Byrne wrote TWO separate first issues of Blood of the Demon!

* The characters in Watchmen were originally meant to be based on a defunct line of superheroes.

* The recently killed off Phantom Lady, Human Bomb and Black Condor are in the public domain and are not actually owned by DC, therefore with their deaths, anyone can now come along and publish stories about them

* James Robinson decided to kill off a group of superheroes to show how deadly Jack Knight’s ememy, The Mist, was.

* DC was forced to change La Renard Rouge (“The Red Fox”)’s name to “Crimson Fox

* Grant Morrison’s script for BULLETEER didn’t actually request that level of cheesecake, and certainly didn’t ask for the lead character to spend most of the issue in her underwear.

* The DC character Triumph was gay.

* Ferro Lad was originally meant to be black.

* Aquaman was not from Atlantis for his first eighteen years of existence.

* DC produced a completely different version of Emerald Twilight before it was scrapped.

* Rob Liefeld once drew a book in landscape style without being asked, leading to the book having to be cut and paste to look like a normal comic book.

* Simon Bisley once drew a penis on Lobo’s arm on a comic cover.

* Elliot S! Maggin’s first comic book work was originally written for a college class.

* Green Lantern lost the cover of his own comic book to his dog.

* An artist who wrote and drew a comic book adventure of fighter pilots became an actual flying ace himself during World War II.

* A change in postal laws led to the elimination of letters pages in DC comic books.

* The Comics Code Authority once banned not the content of a comic, but the art style of the artist.

* Chuck Austen was J.D. Finn

* Blue Beetle was originally going to star in a weekly comic anthology BEFORE DC came up with Action Comics Weekly.

* Julie Schwartz once had to write a comic story in a day because of an mistaken cover instruction

* Alan Scott intentionally created a garish costume.

* Michael Fleisher’s Spectre issues had so many problems with script continuity that they needed a separate writer to keep the continuity straight.

* DC stopped letting writers edit their own titles in an attempt at squeezing Jack Kirby from the company.

* The Spectre had a comic relief sidekick.

* Wildcat was inspired to become a superhero by the comic book character Green Lantern.”

* Warlord was cancelled after its third issue.

* Black Canary was raped in Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters.

* Nancy Collins’ Dhampire series was scrapped due to behind-the-scenes tragedy.

* Keith Giffen originally meant for the adult Legion and the Legionnaires to battle, with casualties being chosen randomly out of a hat.

* Keith Giffen managed to destroy the Earth in Legion of Superheroes due to nobody watching the book.

* Archie Goodwin’s passing led to how the last Manhunter story appeared.

* DC had an unpublished Green Lantern Annual that they sat on for almost forty years before publishing.

* Earth X was originally going to be called Earth [Swastika].

* DC licensed characters for use in alcoholic drink mixes.

* Ethan Van Sciver took over from Alan Davis on Green Lantern: Rebirth.

* Seaworld once had a DC Superhero water skiing feature.

* DC produced comics for the CIA.

* Masters of the Universe was a reworked Fourth World movie.

* Blue Beetle gained weight as an homage to Nite-Owl from Watchmen.

* Rob Liefeld drew the Chaos dimension sideways for no reason in an issue of Hawk and Dove.

* DC made Bart Allen the Flash because he was the Flash on Smallville.

* The Kingdom was originally meant to be an ongoing series.

* Musician brothers sued DC over the use of their likeness in a Jonah Hex comic book.

* Dealing with the integration of Captain Marvel into the DCUniverse caused the creation of a new superhero in the pages of Superman.

* DC almost had a black Captain Marvel.

* John Byrne was originally going to write/draw a Captain Marvel mini-series integrating Captain Marvel into the DC Universe.

* Jay Faerber’s run on Titans featured some prominent supporting characters that were not in Jay’s intended plan for the series.

* Justice League Unlimited had to create the Justice Guild at the last minute for their Legends episode, because DC would not let them use the Justice Society.

* DC had a completed Xena/Wonder Woman crossover comic book but decided not to publish it..

* DC Comics almost bought Diamond Comics Distrubutors.

* A character who was appropriate enough for a DC cartoon was found not appropriate for a DC toy.

* Jack Kirby left DC because he thought they lied to him about the sales of his New Gods titles in order to pay him less money

* JM DeMatteis changed a storyline in Justice League of America because he didn’t know how the story was supposed to go.

* DC had to change the name of their Helix line of comic books because of the Shadowrun role playing game.

* Terra was created as a sort of parody of Kitty Pryde.

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