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Constantine, Superman, Catwoman, King Conan, more: Comic Reel Wrap for October 12th

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Constantine, Superman, Catwoman, King Conan, more: Comic Reel Wrap for October 12th


[Keanu Reeves as Constantine]

Heidi MacDonald of Comicon’s Pulse chimed in with a groovy set of links of everybody’s favorite chainsmoking magician. Keanu’s a lot more sable than many Pulse posters would like, but as images show on Straight to Hell and Keanu Vision, he seems to have gotten fairly ruffled up, at least.


It may be much ado about nothing, but reports that director McG (“Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle”) is in talks with Warner Brothers to take on the troubled, long-awaited franchise, but even he considers it far from a sure thing.


The world’s most published cartoonist will soon unleash his debut film. According to the The San Bernardino Sun, “The Light of the World” is an 80 minute film featuring 360 detailed paintings of biblical events, and no live action.

CATWOMAN has some quotes from Lambert Wilson (best known as the Merovingian from “The Matrix Reloaded”), co-star in the upcoming DC-based film with Halle Berry and Sharon Stone. He gloats a bit about the amazing women he’s been paired with in film, from Monica Belluci to the aforementioned Stone.

X2: X-MEN UNITED delivers more art from the upcoming DVD release.


FIlmforce has a story about another installment in the saga of Crom’s favorite sword swinger. Writer/director John Millius was allegedly bickering with the proposed producers, Matrix-makers The Wachowski Brothers over who should take the lead role, especially with the man who made the role gold on screen now the overlord of the world’s fifth largest economy.


It was a day chock full of cinematic goodness, but (as the old video game might cry out) The Comic Reel still needs your help! If you have the scoop on anything related to comic book movies, TV adapatations or just want to give us a truck full of cash, no questions asked, drop us a line and let’s coordinate. Broadcasting live from Los Angeles, this is your humble scribe Hannibal Tabu saying thanks for your time and indulgence, and (insert pithy sign-off here, once it gets out of development hell).

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