Comics cavalcade: Vietnamese Batman, dance crazes and Garrison Keillor

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Every day, people post comics on the Internet. Three times a week, we try to link to the ones that catch our eyes.

The Symbiote’s Effect on the Mind

Summertime by Frank Santoro

Munden’s Bar by Martha Thomases, Valerie D’Orazio, Norm Breyfogle, Bob Pinaha, and Matt Webb

Dance Craze by Trevor Alixopulos

Prairie Home: The True Story by Chris Monroe

Black Magic – White Death by George Kashdan and Alfredo Alcala

The Vanguard by Alex Toth

Sgt. Fury #27

Born Again by Kim Deitch

Comics by Jimmy Swinnerton

Dexter in “Goof With a Gadget”

Vietnamese Batman and Robin