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COMIC REEL: Rudd Rumored as “Ant-Man” Frontrunner; The Magneto/JFK Connection

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COMIC REEL: Rudd Rumored as “Ant-Man” Frontrunner; The  Magneto/JFK Connection


While Paul Rudd’s name has been rumored to be on the short list for the lead role in “Ant-Man,” recent reports contend that Rudd is now the frontrunner for the role of Henry Pym. According to a recent rundown by The Hollywood Reporter, Rudd is at the top of the short list, but there’s no news as to who will play his “30-ish girlfriend,” though “Parks and Recreation” star Rashida Jones has been rumored to be under consideration.

Opens July 31, 2015


A new bit of viral marketing for “X-Men: Days of Future Past” connects Magneto to the Kennedy assassination. The Bent Bullet viral website has a detailed full article as well as a video — though there’s a particularly fun reference to Marvel Comics’ “What If…?” comic book series in the body of the text piece.

“It was a different time,” explains “Scary” Carey Morrison, a veteran radio personality. Morrison has hosted the conspiracy theory show What If…? since 1977. “Back then, if you talked about folks with superpowers, you might as well be talking about little green moon men. Most didn’t believe.”

Opens May 23, 2014


MTV spoke with Chris Cooper about his role as Norman Osborn in the upcoming “Amazing Spider-Man” sequel, which he characterized as “extremely odd.”

“‘[Amazing] Spider-Man 2’ was an introduction to Norman, and — you’ll see — an extremely odd introduction, which apparently will lead to something more,” Cooper told MTV.

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Additionally, the Official “Amazing Spider-Man 2” Twitter account revealed the trailer for the film will debut December 5.

Opens May 2, 2014


The BBC has posted a plethora of new “Doctor Who” content including a deleted scene from “The Day of the Doctor” and the first trailer for the upcoming Christmas special, which signals the exit of Matt Smith.


Tate on YouTube has posted an interview with Christopher Nolan where “The Dark Knight Trilogy” director discusses how he was influenced by the art of Francis Bacon.

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