Comic Book Legends Revealed Addendum: Star Wars: Death Masque and Larry Hama Interview

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Every so often, I have some extra info that I’d like to add to the Comic Book Legends Revealed columns after the fact. Today, I have extra information about two recent Comic Book Legends Revealed columns, one about Star Wars and one about Larry Hama and Zartan.

First up, in Comic Book Legends Revealed #391, I featured a story about one of, if not the only, Star Wars Marvel comic story that appeared only in England, titled “Death-Masque.” I had never seen the story, and I asked if anyone out there with a copy would be willing to scan me a couple of pages. Both Jay Shepard (from and Eddie van der Heijden (from sent me scans of the story. I figure the first four pages gets the basic gist of the comic…

Thanks, Jay and Eddie!

Next, in last week’s Comic Book Legends Revealed #393, I featured a story mentioning how Larry Hama’s original profile for the G.I. Joe villain Zartan was edited in later editions of the toy by Hasbro after mental health groups objected to Zartan being termed a “paranoid schizophrenic.” My pal Christopher Irving mentioned to me that Larry Hama discussed the story in a video interview that Christopher did with him. Hama also discusses what his favorite acting job was (my wife was pleased to learn that it was a Sondheim musical)…

Thanks, Christopher! Neat interview!