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Comic Book Legends Addendum: Legion and Star Wars Stuff

by  in Comic News Comment
Comic Book Legends Addendum: Legion and Star Wars Stuff

Occasionally, stuff will come up after the Comic Book Legends Revealed column goes up, and while I certainly can just go back and edit it into the old pieces, most folks won’t see it (as why would they re-read the older piece for no reason?), so I occasionally do these addenda.

Today I show some extra pages from the Legion of Super-Heroes legend from Comic Book Legends Revealed #277 and both J.M. DeMatteis’ recollections about the Star Wars legend in Comic Book Legends Revealed #279 AND, thanks to a helpful reader, the original ending of DeMatteis’ story in Star Wars #46!


First off, in Comic Book Legends Revealed #277, I discussed how E. Nelson Bridwell and Mort Weisinger (assistant editor and editor of the Legion of Super-Heroes, respectively) were planning on removing Superboy and Supergirl from the Legion of Super-Heroes so that the Legion could stand on their own.

I did not show you the actual pages from Adventure Comics #350 and #351, so now you can see them.

First, in #350, we see Superboy and Supergirl discover the Kryptonite barrier around Earth that would make them staying on Earth in the future impossible…

Then we see a number of Legionnaires try (and fail) to get rid of the Kryptonite even, surprisingly enough, Element Lad (whose entire power IS changing elements)…

So now that they determine that Superboy and Supergirl have to leave, Brainiac 5 also comes up with the idea of putting kryptonite capsules in their brains so that they will forget the Legion (pretty messed up, huh?)

At the end of Adventure Comics #350, two NEW Legionnaires show up, called Miss Terious and Sir Prize. The obvious implication is that these two powerful new Legionnaires are actually Superboy and Supergirl in disguise (perhaps, through the operations, honestly not knowing who the Legion are).

However, at the end of #351, we learn who they are…

As you can see, not only are Sun Boy and Dream Girl back, but through an amusing plot contrivance, Lightning Lad’s arm is back and two other Legionnaires have returned to normal. This was Bridwell and Weisinger’s intent to make the team basically all back to normal (and full strength) to make up for the loss of Superboy and Supergirl.

Of course, though, DC editorial nixed the idea, so at the end of the issue, Bridwell and Weisinger had to quickly bring Superboy and Supergirl back, and boy was it silly…

Yes, Element Lad couldn’t affect them, but Color Kid could. Oooooookay.

On to the next bit.

Okay, in Comic Book Legends Revealed #279, I detailed how Lucasfilm made Marvel dramatically edit the end of an issue of Star Wars written by J.M. DeMatteis, where they basically made the story, which was about a former warrior who decided to become a pacifist, into an anti-pacifism story. DeMatteis took his name off of the comic, choosing to be credited by the fake name, Wally Lombego.

After the column came out, on DeMatteis’ nifty blog, J.M. DeMatteis’ Creation Point, he told the full story in his own words. He goes into a lot greater detail than I did, naturally, and it is a great read. Give it a look here.

In addition, a reader going by the name Matchstick stopped by to share something really awesome. You see, while in the United States, the story was edited, when Marvel UK later reprinted the story in the British black and white Star Wars magazine, they did NOT edit the comic! So we now cans see DeMatteis’ original ending!

Here’s the original first page…

And here’s the British UK one, with the correct credit…

Now here’s the set-up for the ending again, where the pacifist decides it is better to die in support of his cause than to destroy the Imperial Forces while betraying his beliefs…

So here was how the original comic ended…

and here is how DeMatteis MEANT for it to end…

Pretty fascinating, huh?

Thanks so much to Matchstick for the scan and thanks to DeMatteis for the cool blog post!

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