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Civil War Disaster: Clone Thor Attacks in “Black Panther” #25

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Civil War Disaster: Clone Thor Attacks in “Black Panther” #25

Official Press Release

Black Panther #25 takes us into the minds of the royal couple of Wakanda as they prepare for the biggest Marvel showdown in years. The Marvel Civil War hasn’t been easy for anyone, including Storm and Black Panther, and things are about to get decidedly worse when Thor’s Pro-Registration clone attacks!

In choosing a side, Black Panther and Storm pledged their allegiance to Captain America and his renegade forces. Now, as the battle draws near, their commitment is about to be tested. Will the royal couple stand by the Anti-Registration troops or do they have their own motive in all this? And how will their involvement affect the future of Wakanda?

The battle-to-end-all-battles is nearly upon them, but Storm and Black Panther first have to take on a certain Asgardian clone who has already claimed the life of a hero in Civil War. Will he claim more before all is said and done?

Be sure to pick up Black Panther # 25 as Marvel’s smash-hit event, Civil War, races to its universe-shattering conclusion!



Penciled by MARCUS TO


32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

FOC – 2/8, On-Sale – 2/28/2007

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