Check out Gerard Way’s webcomic ‘Twitter’

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Check out Gerard Way’s webcomic ‘Twitter’

While it’s not All Ages — or at least I don’t think it is — former My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way has written and drawn another comic, and it stars anthropomorphized cats.

Created by the Umbrella Academy writer for The Talkhouse, “Twitter” is about, well, Twitter, featuring a cat who invites a stranger into his home, only to immediately regret the decision. It’s not a complicated allegory.

Clearly Way has a fondness for cats, and, really, who an blame him? In January, he teased All Ages — a reference to all-ages punk shows — with drawings of three clothed felines, Jones, Lemon and Koko.

See part of “Twitter” below, and check out the complete strip at The Talkhouse.

(via The Beat)