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CCI: Thursday Photo Parade

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CCI: Thursday Photo Parade

Going back at least 12 years now, if not longer, CBR has regularly produced daily photo parades from Comic-Con International in San Diego, giving you a feel for the show and, well, playfully mocking the costumed folks in attendance. Over the last few years, as my schedule has grown crazy during Comic-Con, we’ve not run photo parades as regularly, which is shame. When CBR first started covering Comic-Con, we did only two things — live coverage of the Eisners (using dial-up to log on to the net!) and photo parades! It’s part of our history of Comic-Con coverage, and I have been sad to see it fall by the wayside. So, it’s with great excitement that we’re bringing it back this year and we have four separate photo parades filled with great pictures by staff photographer Pinguino Kolb and a handful of obnoxious comments from myself.

So, relax, sit back and enjoy the sights and wonder of the 2010 Comic-Con International in San Diego!

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Joe Kosinski, Steven Lisberger, Sean Bailey from “Tron: Legacy.” Garrett Hedlund, Jeff Bridges, and Joe Kosinski from “Tron: Legacy”

Olivia Wilde This costume kinda rules. Batman from “Batman Beyond” stretches his wings.

Adam Hughes The Fox booth makes me dizzy.

Nickelodean Booth Harry Potter and the Sexy Slytherins? Have to say, Harry’s ruining this picture. RUINED! Hello, ladies!

Warner Brothers Booth. Why does the water tower appear to be powered by kryptonite? For some reason, this thing is perving me out.

Supergirl with lurker storm trooper. DC Comics

I am told this is “Handmade Pokedigi Radness.” I’ll just have to trust that information is correct. Danny Elfman

Alice in Wonderland DC Nation

JT Krul, Jeff Lemire, Jim Lee, Bill Willingham A fan with a question

Dan DiDio Hawkgirl watches over the DC Nation panel.

Teen Titans artist Nicola Scott DC VP of Sales Bob Wayne

Steampunk Wheelchair! Now this is fantastic. Nice! Naruto Voice Actors Tara Platt and Yuri Lowenthal

New papa Joshua Hale Fialkov Eric Powell

Steve Niles Lark Pien signs a book

Ryan Claytor from Elephant Eater Press Andrew Bell

Who needs eBay when you can have a yard sale? I love the unique approach to the booth, just not sure it works. Steampunk Harley. Fantastic.

Kevin Altieri, Mike Wellman and Rafael Navarro share a moment Rich Starkings

Axel Medellin Stan Lee on Thor’s Throne. What a great shot!

Spidey and some fans join Stan Avatar cosplayers. We expected a lot of them more this year, but either A: big box office doesn’t necessarily translate into big cosplaying, or B: people realized all that blue body make-up is a pain in the ass and looks nasty if you’re a sweat-er.

Mondo Marvel panel Former CBR staffer and current Marvel publicity dude Arune Singh will never live this picture down!

C.B. Cebulski Jeph Loeb and Arune Singh share a moment, too

Jim McCann, Brian Michael Bendis, and Jeph Loeb looking serious Mark Paniccia, Andy Lanning and Dan Abnett look less serious.

Awesome mech “Dapper Men” duo Janet Lee and Jim McCann

Jim Lee reads a comic Dennis O’Neil

Former DC Publisher Jennette Kahn DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee

DC Co-Publisher Dan Didio Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns

Jerry Robinson Former DC Publisher Paul Levitz

Shiny Spaceman Slave Leias! “Ladies, hi, here’s a map showing you how to get out to the yacht. We have plenty of sun block at the boat. You’ll be well protected from the sun’s cancerous rays as well as leering fan boys (if you don’t include me in that mix).”