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CCI: Saturday Photo Parade

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CCI: Saturday Photo Parade

Going back at least 12 years now, if not longer, CBR has regularly produced daily photo parades from Comic-Con International in San Diego, giving you a feel for the show and, well, playfully mocking the costumed folks in attendance. Over the last few years, as my schedule has grown crazy during Comic-Con, we’ve not run photo parades as regularly, which is shame. When CBR first started covering Comic-Con, we did only two things — live coverage of the Eisners (using dial-up to log on to the net!) and photo parades! It’s part of our history of Comic-Con coverage, and I have been sad to see it fall by the wayside. So, it’s with great excitement that we’re bringing it back this year, filled with great pictures by staff photographer Pinguino Kolb and a handful of obnoxious comments from myself.

So, relax, sit back and enjoy the sights and wonders that awaited attendees, pros and local residents alike on the Saturday during 2010 Comic-Con International in San Diego, and if you somehow missed it, here’s Thursday’s and Friday’s rundowns as well!

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Doctor Who Cat Nurse! In other words, WTF? Pat Loika

Jeremy Shepard Bryan JL. Glass from Mice Templar

Locked & Loaded for Saturday Crowds Avatar Suit

Joe Kelly and Ken Niimura Ben Templesmith

Travis Hill “Thor” Director Kenneth Branagh drops by the Marvel booth, creates frenzy!

More with Sir Kenneth Queen of Hearts

Hot Zombie Chicks. Or at least one. “Pokey” writer Michael Aushenker and Gumby

Video game cosplayers Batman and Catwoman. And I just realized this photo was taken right outside the dock for the CBR Yacht. Why didn’t Pinguino invite Catwoman out to the yacht? It was like 10 steps away! DAMMIT!

Planet of the Apes. Impressive costume. Cosplay family with Captain Marvel Jr. stealing the spotlight.

Rad costume, but it scares me. No boat for you. Patton Oswalt

Patton Oswalt Old school Cap

Tony and Pepper Tony and Pepper

“Captain America” Director Joe Johnston “Captain America” Director Joe Johnston

Jill Thompson Even Stormtroopers like Patton Oswalt

Cosplayer Richard Jenkins and Chloe Moretz

Chloe Moretz Richard Jenkins

“Let Me In” Director Matt Reeves Kodi Smit-McPhee

Chloe Moretz Richard Jenkins

Kodi and Chloe Dark Horse’s Aaron Colter. We include this picture here because it takes a special person to rock green sunglasses successfully. Aaron, we’re sorry – you’re not one of them.

Maurissa Tancharoen Felicia Day

Joss Whedon Dollhouse signing

Who let Colonel Sanders in? I wonder if he’s got a Double-Down on ‘im. Jed Whedon

Zack Ward Felicia Day

Felicia Day and Joss Whedon Team Fortress 2

Bionicle. I never watched Bionicle. I dont get Bionicle. What’s a Bionicle?