CCI, DAY 1: Thursday Photo Parade

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CCI, DAY 1: Thursday Photo Parade

Kaare Andrews and Josh Midleton ham it up! Augie De Blieck Jr. and Robert Kirkman, with tongue!

Image’s B. Clay Moore Marvel’s C.B. Cebulski

One of those Crazy 88s from “Kill Bill.” Didn’t Uma killed them all? The Dark Horse Booth (with Mike Richardson standing in the middle)

The Dreamwave Booth spinny, turny thing. I love spinny, turny things. Wait … Who you gonna call? I think I’ve taken a picture of the GB on the right at least three years in a row.

“I have the poweeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrr!” Jim and Laini Tayloer-Di Bartolo of “The Drowned.”

Hey, it’s Jon Layman! “Industry of War’s” Jordan Raskin

“Dead @ 17’s” Josh Howard Those Teen Titans J. Torres and Todd Nauck

Joe Kelly playing “X-Men: Evolutions,” the game he co wrote. More of Joe’s mad X-Box playing skillz.

Robert Kirkman and the cut out of Invincible as seen on FX’s “The Shield.” Jim Krueger, Jim Valentino and Jason “Small Gods” Rand

Lil’ Darth, looking terribly uninterested. Lord Of The Rings character dude.

Mexican Wrestlers make any party more funner. Mike “Phantom Jack” Sangiacomo

Not exactly the kind of nurses I want giving me a towel bath. Ryan Ottley stands next to Robert Kirkman who cops a feel of Cory Walker

San Diego’s new Petco Park, home of the Padres, adjacent to the convention center. Harry Potter peoples. Where’s the snitch?

Ohh, Penny Farthing Press has spinny things. Oh, how I love spinny things. “Fear Agent’s” Rick Remender

Shi Toxie!

The Spider, The Devil, The, uhh … guy holding a shield. Tony Moore

BEST BOOTH EVER! So, MGM has a booth supporting the upcoming release of “Species 3” and this woman, ahhhh, chick sits in a glass booth all day with a snake. Good times. See, another damned Stormtrooper and Tuskan Raiders

Life sized Ugly Doll’s roamed the con floor. Mark Waid and Tom Brevoort

Weches, Pirates, Wenches. The ultimate sandwich. Avatar Press’ William Christensen

A lovely Angel thing. Some anime chick. I don’t know.

Some creature thing. I don’t know. “If anyone makes another ‘How’s the weather up there’ joke I’ll…”

Ahh, the Marvel booth, part of the Activision booth. Some Pac-Man thing that’s actualy an anime character. Once again, I don’t know.

Lady wearing a costume. Raver chicks rule!

A Star Wars Rebel Fighter Some character from Robotech and some guy wearing a blue wig.

Tomb Raider She-Nightcrawler

Characters from some Sci-Fi channel show<.>This guy was a real hit around the Con. Sirius Black.

Vogue Spidey Uncle Sam with comic.

Wonder Woman She’s just burst…moving on before I get in trouble.

An X-Wing Fighter with Rebel Trooper.

CCI, DAY 1: Thursday Photo Parade