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CCI: 2011 Photo Parade – Saturday

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CCI: 2011 Photo Parade – Saturday

2011’s Comic-Con International in San Diego is now a memory, but the sights and sounds of the show continue to burn bright in the minds of those who attended the annual SoCal pop culture event. That said, it’s never too early to look back on the frenzy and mayhem that took place at and about San Diego’s world famous convention center, and Comic Book Resources is happy to help you relive, or, if you weren’t able to make it this year, experience vicariously the happy insanity!

We’ve already shared our Preview Night, Day One and Day Two photos with you, not to mention Sonia Harris’ photographic look at the fashion, art and culture of the show, and now it’s time for Saturday, featuring best selling authors, genre-favorite actors, superstar comics creators and yes — more cosplayers!

As always, CBR’s Executive Producer Jonah Weiland — AKA The Big Kahuna AKA He Doesn’t Know What Kahuna Means — provides commentary and some good-natured snark to the photos taken by CBR Staff Photographer Pinguino Kolb and Caitlin Holland. And again, check back later for even more CCI photos!

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Magneto’s kinda grabby. Peter S. Beagle

Cutest comic book family ever Freddie Williams Jr

David Peterson eats his Eisner Adam West is too busy to answer his phone

Bionicle champion with a homemade mask Daenerys Targaryen.

Yes, that’s a dragon on her croch. Some people get crabs, she gets dragons.

Great costume. Not sure – new Ghost Rider bike or something from MiB3? Unclear.

Get on down to South Park… …and have yourself a good time

Sweet balloon muppets! Greg Pak

Doug Tennepal Dan Hipp and Adam Van Wyk

That’s one happy Princess! Comics beer wenches? I’m not quite sure.

Rafael Navarro This is my kind of Storm Trooper!

I’m not sure what to say about sexy Darth Vader. I am suddenly questioning my sexuality, but I’m not sure why. And I’m not longer questioning my sexuality. Yowzers!

The hairy legs on the Joker are really disturbing. More Yowzers!

Jerry Robinson Janet Lee and her Eisner

Wait a sec, are thse SUCKER PUNCH inspired cosplayers? If so, wow! Count me surprised. Joyce Brabner (Harvey Peckar’s widow)

William O’Neill, Digger Nesch, Jan Utstein apparently starring in an Apple or T-Mobile ad. Joe Quesada

Joe Quesada Joe Quesada gets arrested by S.H.I.E.L.D.

More of Quesada’s arrest at the hands of S.H.I.E.L.D. Logo in Marvel Booth

Marvel Booth detail Clark Gregg (Agent Coulsen)

Marvel’s Kevin Feige, but the real star is the jackass making the face over Kevin’s left shoulder. WOW! Clark Gregg

Watching the short Max Hernandez

View from the Marvel Booth Gregg signs at the Marvel booth.

Now photos from the World Premiere of “Cowboys & Aliens” – Yvonne Strahovski Olivia Wilde

Ron Howard and Brian Grazer Johnny Galecki

Buck Taylor Clancy Brown

John Faverau Andy Serkis and family

Cast of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” Olivia Wilde

Olivia Munn Paul Dano and Zoe Kazan

Daniel Craig Candace Bailey and Kevin Pereira

Candace Bailey Kevin Pereira

Raoul Trujillo and … Sam Rockwell

Rick Baker with wife Silvia Abascal and daughters

Seth Green and Clare Grant Julio Cedillo

Abigail Spencer Abigail Spencer

Steven Spielberg Scott Mitchell Rosenberg

Nina Dobrev Joel McHale

Nina Dobrev Gillian Jacobs

Noah Ringer Hawk Ostby and Mark Fergus

Brendan Wayne Buck Taylor

Walton Goggins Ana de la Reguera

Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart Harrison Ford and Jon Favreau

Jon Favreau, Calista Flockhart, Harrison Ford Clancy Brown

Roberto Orci, Damon Lindelof, Alex Kurtzman Brannon Braga and Aaron Kaplan (Terra Nova)

The following photos were taken by Caitlin Holland

Anime cosplayers No idea how this dude maneuvered around the con floor!

Anime Cosplayers Nice shot of the Gaslamp from the top of the steps at the Convention center.

Cap’s boots Cap’s costume/body armor

Cap’s helmet Jim McCann and Janet Lee

Humberto Ramos Yowzers! WOAH MAMA! MAMACITAS! HOLY CRAP! SO SPARKLY! I’m in love. Hi. Hello.

Batman gets his hands on a Cosmic Cube Bad ass Red Skull

Black Cat Yowzers This is fucking disturbing

Batman and Poison Ivy Unmasked Fett – love that he’s got the eye patch to go with it!

Stupid Fett Douche Fett with Douche Troopers

Apparently a Wookie on strike. Steampunk Maleficent

Steampunk Ariel. Wow. Yowzers. I wish I could breathe under water.

Katamari Dark Phoneix Katamari Cyclops

Not sure, so it annoys me. Team Gryffendor

Starroed Aquaman with nipple guards. Not for those who retch easily. Femme Two-Face – FANTASTIC!

This dog is bad ass – someone told me he punched multiple con attendees in the crotchial area and then took a poop in someone’s Starbucks. Don’t believe me? Ask him yourself!/td> So there were Sucker Punch cosplayers – pleasantly surprised. As much as that movie was a mess of a story, it was an amazing looking film.

Fables cosplay Joss whedon

Lady Blackhawk – I don’t believe we’ve seen one of these before. Points for originality! Steampunk – absolutely lovely!