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CCI 2009 Friday Photo Parade

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CCI 2009 Friday Photo Parade

We continue our look at the sites of Comic-Con International in San Diego, 2009 edition! Saturday we brought you photos from Thursday at the convention, today we bring you a look at Friday! More costumed folks and creators from Staff Photographer Pinguino Kolb with plenty of snarky commentary from CBR Executive Producer Jonah Weiland. Look for photos from Saturday at the con tomorrow, right here on CBR.

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Poison Ivy chats up Shiny Harley. This has HAWT potential written all over it. Left4Dead. That guy kinda looks like giant doodie.

Cardboard Samurai and it’s fantastic. NICE! Empire Pimpin’. Awesome. Oh, and Pimp Fett’s kinda a jerk.

Jim McCann CB Celbulski

Deadpool has a question for Joe. Deadpool whispers to a friend, “I don’t know about this Quesada guy.”

Cup O’ Joe Marvelman Announcement. The shirts are a nice touch. Joe Quesada

Shane Davis Geoff Johns

Dan Didio explores emotions at DC Nation. How many more shirts might he be wearing? Ian Sattler

James Robinson Greg Rucka

Frank The Blvd. Creators

Artsy Slugs at the Dumbrella Booth Hot Witchblade girls. I’d like to handle their supernatural, sentient artifacts with immense destructive and protective powers. I’m talkin’ ’bout the WitchBlade you perverts.

Square Enix booth The crowd surrounding Joss Whedon. If you look closely, in Where’s Waldo fashion, you will see Whedon in the blown up photo.

Todd Nauck Richard Schleifer LOLs

I’m speechless. Without words. Actually, the only words I have would like rise the ire of you the reader so I’ll behave. Oh, whom am I kidding, come to papa! More Lamers Jedis for Star Wars Day

Amongst these Star Wars lamers fans, is that someone dressed up as Jay from “Clerks” or is that not a costume? Zoe Bell

Zoe Bell and Doug Jones from Angel of Death Ed Brubaker

Ted Raimi Doug Jones

An eclectic set of cosplayers gather.