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CBR & Newsarama Join Forces for Comic-Con International Coverage

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CBR & Newsarama Join Forces for Comic-Con International Coverage


Official Press Release

For the first time ever, Newsarama ( and Comic Book Resources ( are joining forces for their Comic Con International San Diego ( coverage this week. By joining forces, the two sites will offer visitors an unprecedented look at the news, the panels, the talk of the floor and the personalities at this year’s show.

For years, both Comic Book Resources and Newsarama have offered guests extensive convention coverage, but there was something missing. “Jonah Weiland (CBR’s Executive Producer) and I started talking on the last day of last year’s show about somehow working together to make our convention coverage better,” said Matt Brady of Newsarama. “We decided that by joining forces and cooperating fully, we’d be able to cover more of the convention, and offer our readers a broader picture of what’s going on at the show.”

“It just makes a lot of sense,” said Jonah Weiland of Comic Book Resources. “By combining our energies for this weekend we’ll be able to cover the convention with a greater attention to detail and serve both comic fans and the industry better. Ultimately, the goal has to be great coverage and well, two is often better than one!”

During the convention, visitors to either Comic Book Resources or Newsarama will be able to easily navigate to coverage both on the target or complimentary site through links. Also, for the duration of the show, Weiland and Brady will contribute to each others’ site.

The coverage of Comic-Con International begins this Wednesday, July 21st, with coverage of preview night, followed by updates throughout the convention until closing on Sunday night.

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