Cartoonist Dave Dwonch brings on A Crisis On Infinite Roommates

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Mention the word “Crisis” to a comics fan and the next thing that springs to mind is time-traveling, continuity-bending, cape-wearing antics on an epic scale. But what if it’s all sent in an economy-size flat?

In Action Lab‘s Space-Time Condominium, writer/artist Dave Dwonch pairs Crisis On Infinite Earths with Three’s Company as one man tries to live with four alternate reality versions of himself. With a mysterious figure known only as the Gatekeeper pulling the strings like some sort of Anti-Monitor version of Mr. Roper, this guy — Griffin Griffins — has to deal with four more Griffin Griffins. (Four Griffinses?)

The upstart company Action Lab is releasing this as a limited edition book, with all 500 copies hand-numbered and signed by Dwonch. It’s the latest in the publisher’s “Signature Series” showcasing up-and-coming talent with their first major work on comic shelves.