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But what he’d really like to do is write Daredevil

by  in Comic News Comment
But what he’d <i>really</i> like to do is write <i>Daredevil</i>

Saturday Night Live‘s Bill Hader, who with castmate Seth Meyers wrote Spider-Man: The Short Halloween, already has his sights set on another Marvel character.

“We have a Daredevil idea that we’d like to do,” the actor-comedian tells “I can’t tell you what the idea is. I would say it’s kind of the same thing as the Spider-Man book as it’s kind of a stand alone. … And our idea is similar to the Spider-Man one, where it also involves peripheral characters [as] the main character and Daredevil is influencing the story in different ways. It is that kind of similar thing to the Spider-man one. I know people were kind of mixed on it. Some people liked it and some people were like, ‘why isn’t Spider-Man the main character?’ We weren’t interested in that, we found that funnier.”

Hader, perhaps best known for his role in Superbad, has served as a creative consultant and producer for South Park. He’ll also provide the voice of Professor Impossible in Season 4 of The Venture Bros.

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