Brad Meltzer invites you over to Superman’s house July 11

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On his blog, Brad Meltzer offers a personal update on the efforts to restore Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel’s boyhood home in Cleveland, Ohio:

As some of you know, our goal was to raise $50,000 to work on the outside of the house. In the end, we raised $101,000. So work is now going on in the inside as well. It’s just beautiful.

So let this be my invitation to all: On Saturday, July 11, 2009, in Cleveland, we’ll have the official ribbon-cutting and unveiling of the redone Siegel house. The roof, the siding, the cement…so much has been done to this place. They even repainted it back to historic colors (honestly, I kinda liked the red and bright blue), but history won in this one. The only thing that made me crazy was the dark green trim. Green on Superman’s house? A bunch of us screamed bloody kryptonite, but again, it’s good to have the history. And from what I hear, we’ll have a great showing by the Siegel family for the big unveiling. So if you’re anywhere near Cleveland, hope you’ll join us.

As Kevin noted in today’s Comics A.M., the ribbon-cutting ceremony is tied to the Screaming TikiCon happening that weekend.

Last fall Meltzer teamed up with The Siegel & Shuster Society to raise money to restore the house. Meltzer said he’s now turned his attention to a new cause called City Year. More information on it can be found at, an organization founded by Meltzer.