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Black Terror: Inhuman Remains TPB #3 (Preview)

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Black Terror: Inhuman Remains TPB #3

The Black Terror is lost. Once the most fearsome crime fighter in the world, The Black Terror is a man out of time. Lost for three generations, the powerful hero finds himself adrift in a modern society he can no longer understand, until he finds an adversary that transcends time itself: the evil in the hearts of men.

Bob Benton, once a mild-mannered, altruistic medical student, became The Black Terror, a hero emblazoned with the grim face of death itself, over seventy years ago. Cast into the netherworld of Pandora’s Urn by a villainous foe, The Terror lost a sliver of his humanity during his decades long internment. Determined to find his path again, The Black Terror hunts down villains who have dared to take up the mantle of his Golden Age foes; Lady Mamba, Black Devil, Electru, Nazi Torch, Red Ann, and The Black Baron.

But defeating these super criminals cannot prepare The Terror for the most relentless opponent he could ever face… himself.

Collection Features

* Issues 10 – 14 of the hit series by Alex Ross (Marvels), Phil Hester (Green Hornet), Wagner Reis (Vampirella) and Jack Herbert (Kirby: Genesis)
* All of the covers by Alex Ross, Wagner Reis and Stephen Sadowski (Avengers/Invaders.)