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Batman, Spider-Man 2, Son of the Mask, Superman: Comic Reel Wrap for October 31st

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Batman, Spider-Man 2, Son of the Mask, Superman: Comic Reel Wrap for October 31st


Ain’t It Cool News has some casting rumors about the new Christopher Nolan film. It seems that Morgan Freeman is being looked at for a role as a scientist, with Anthony Hopkins being looked at as Alfred.


Comics Continuum reports that principal photography has wrapped on the Tobey Maguire-fueled Spidey sequel. New posters will hit theatres this Saturday, and Sony released the image via the film’s official website on Thursday. If you look closely, Doctor Octopus is visible, reflected in Spidey’s eye. Thanks to Benigno Mandujano Sabag and Pablo Eekman for shooting us the first word on that.

SON OF THE MASK caught word that Traylor Howard (“Me, Myself & Irene”) has joined Jamie Kennedy in the slightly-comic related sequel.


Apple Computers (the Comic Reel’s brand of choice) has the August 6 movie’s new trailer online here and here. Plus the staff at Superherohype found both new posters on eBay. God bless the Internet, and thanks to M. Sean McManus for noting the trailers!


After scores of leaks and rumors, Mezco Toys officially announced their Hellboy line of action figures, with photos available as well.


Fox has launched the official website for the DVD, scheduled to be released on November 25th. Included therein are featurettes, clips, stills, et cetera.


Truth is stranger than fiction, but considerably less well reported: noted that a new posting at online site The Smallville Ledger reports that there’s clues of the whereabouts of Helen Bryce-Luthor, the doctor and wife who “went missing” after a second honeymoon with Lex. Those guys at the WB’s interactive department sure know how to bolster up a mythos.

SUPERMAN has an exclusive interview with artist/illustrator James Carson, who worked on the “Superman Lives” project as well as on the aforementioned Spider-sequel.


Sid Caeser and Jonathan Winters, performing together for the first time on film since “It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World?” Where else but in this docu-spoof? Thanks to Daniel DeFabio for clueing us in on that.


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