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Avengers, Superman, Night Mary: July 31st Comic Reel

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Avengers, Superman, Night Mary: July 31st Comic Reel


Edward Norton is keeping quiet on the membership of the Hulk in the Mega Superhero production, according to Sci Fi Wire. “I probably won’t comment on that just because they keep a pretty tight rein on what they are letting out,” says Norton. Meanwhile, Nuke the Fridge is claiming Norton will make a cameo appearance in “Iron Man 2” leading into “The Avengers.”

Starring Samuel L. Jackson, release date: May 2nd, 2012


I’m laying the old “Man of Steel” title to rest if IESB is anywhere near the mark. According to them, the property has a lot of traction at Warner Bros, but Bryan Singer’s “Superman Returns” is being looked at as the end of the series initiated in 1979, with a new series beginning with the upcoming production. “Man of Steel” was the title being used for a potential “Returns” sequel. “The next films will be a completely new take on the character and the story,” says IESB’s Robert Sanchez. He also suggests the Wachowski Brothers are at the top of the list to receive the prized franchise.

Release date: 2012?


According to MTV Splash Page, production company Animal Logic has optioned the Rick Remender series for feature film. “A lot of times people view [comic getting optioned for film] with a sense of skepticism, and of course I never really get married to the idea of something happening, but [‘Night Mary’] has a really good chance of actually making it to the screen,” says Remender.

Release date: TBA


CBR has an interview with director John Favreau. Also, ever wanted a job at Stark Industries? Latino Review is pointing people to that storied company’s HR department. Or is that Super Human Resources?

Starring Robert Downey Jr., release date June 7th, 2010


Variety is reporting director Ridley Scott has signed on to make a prequel to his 1979 hit “Alien.” For the past ten years or so, Scott has expressed an interest in returning to the concept.

Release date: TBA


Did you read CBR‘s interview with the director and writer of the upcoming film?

Directed by Ryuhei Kitamura, release date: TBA


Collider has a number of on-set interviews with the cast and crew of “G.I. Joe,” including Baroness Sienna Miller, Duke Channing Tatum, Snake Eyes Ray Park, and Producer Lorenzo De Bonaventura. That last one actually is a producer on the film, not a new “Joe” character. IESB also has interviews with the Miller, Tatum, and Park. Superhero Hype also has interviews from their visit to the set.

Starring Marlon Wayans, Ray Park, release date: August 8, 2009


Comic Book Movie has a brief video interview with featured voice Kristen Bell:

Directed by David Bowers, release date: October 23rd, 2009


Director Edgar Wright claps the slate in today’s set pic. Also, Brandon Routh talks about his bass battle to MTV Splash Page.

Starring Michael Cera and Chris Evans, release date: 2010


The 1988 Ruby-Spears “Superman” cartoon arrives on DVD this fall, according to TV Shows on DVD.

On DVD: November 3rd, 2009


Wow, can you believe I’ve been on this column a month? Between Green Lantern, the Iron Man Hype Machine, and Comic-Con, it barely feels like a few days. Thanks to all the readers who’ve emailed corrections, links, and and the like so far. I haven’t used all of it, but all mail is read and appreciated. If you happen to learn something awesome, awful, or noteworthy about your favorite comic book inspired film, let us know! Tips are always welcome and anonymity is upon request. Factory fresh rumors and movie news every weekday morning. I am Erik Amaya readying for the future threat of Los Angeles humidity in August.

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