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Comic Book Previews & Reviews: Laura Braga

Secret Wars Journal #4
Preview: Secret Wars Journal #4
3 Comic Previews
• No one goes AWOL from the SHIELD without the Punisher’s punishment! MIKE BENSON and LAURA BRAGA chronicle Frank’s first patrol with new partner Iron Fist-but something sinister lurking beneath …
Witchblade #183
Preview: Witchblade #183
3 Comic Previews
Revelations abound as Sara Pezzini confronts her mysterious assailants, learning not only their true nature, but also the shocking truth of the power they serve. Have Sara and the Witchblade …
Captain Marvel #10
Review: Captain Marvel #10
3 Comic Reviews
Celebrating Carol Danvers' one-hundredth solo adventure, "Captain Marvel" #10 tells the tales of Danvers' supporting cast in a story written by Kelly Sue DeConnick with art from David Lopez, Marcio Takara, and Laura Braga.
Captain Marvel #10
Preview: Captain Marvel #10
3 Comic Previews
CAROL’S 100TH SOLO ISSUE ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL! • We’re celebrating 100 issues of Carol Danvers’ high-flying, smack-talking, and butt-kicking adventures, thanks to you our beloved Carol Corps! Join writer Kelly Sue …
Witchblade #179
Preview: Witchblade #179
3 Comic Previews
Sara Pezzini’s fiercest ally in her battles against the supernatural has always been the Witchblade. But what happens if the Witchblade abandons Sara when she needs it most? A shocking …
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