And the tattoo pics keep on coming

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And the tattoo pics keep on coming

At this point this may turn out to be a regular feature. If you think that sounds like a good idea (or a horrible one as the case may be) let me know in the comment section.

Ty Tyner shares his Scott Pilgrim tat (done by Joe Kennett):

This tattoo is on my left leg in between my knee and sock line. Its from the fight between Scott Pilgrim & crew vs Matthew Patel (the final fight in book 1 of the Scott Pilgrim series). It wraps around 60% of my leg so it was hard to get just 1 shot of it looking right. Here is a panoramic styled mock up taken just soon after it was done (hence the redness).

Neil Vig has a Doctor Doom on his arm

Sam L. sports a nifty Thor by James Deane

Bill Hanstock has a Joker done in true Brian Bolland style with a Jim Lee-ish Harley.

Zuda cartoonist Johnny Zito poses with a fan who got a Black Cherry Bombshells tattoo.

Even Hope Larson is getting into the act. (via)

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