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And Of Course – That Time Spider-Man Invented a Device That Could Cancel Out Magnetism

by  in Comic News Comment
And Of Course – That Time Spider-Man Invented a Device That Could Cancel Out Magnetism

In this feature I spotlight particularly outlandish explanations from comic books.

Today we look at the time that Peter Parker, in his spare time, cobbled together a device that could cancel out one of the elementary forces of nature.

In Amazing Spider-Man #2 by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, Spider-Man runs afoul of the Vulture, who can fly (although no one can figure out just HOW he is able to do it)…

After escaping a death trap, Spider-Man tries to figure out how to stop the Vulture…

When he gets back home (I love that he is just chilling in his room in his costume), Spider-Man is busy doing other things when the idea sort of casually comes to him…

So he works all night, but only using what is available in his room. So what did Spider-Man build?

He waits until the Vulture strikes again, and then he makes his move…

The Vulture crashes to the ground and is arrested. So what did Spider-Man’s device do?

Yes, Spider-Man invented a device that could CANCEL OUT MAGNETISM. And I just love how nonchalant the whole thing is. “Oh yeah, this thing I have that cancels out magnetism, a force of nature.” NOTE: As commenter Cvarkodjordje pointed out, you obviously can make items magnetize and then demagnetize fairly easily, but that’s not what Spidey is doing here. He’s not demagnetizing the Vulture, he’s just eliminating magnetism entirely. Magnetism for Stan Lee was this sort of almost mystical force. Magnetism and transistors could do pretty much anything.

Of course, when the device doesn’t work against the Vulture the next time around (as Vulture developed a different way to fly), Spider-Man just junks the thing for the next four decades before Fred Van Lente used in a story a few years back.

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