And Of Course – How Supergirl Changed Her Hair From Blonde to Brunette and Back Again

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Welcome to a new recurring feature where I spotlight particularly outlandish explanations from comic books.

We start with the explanation for how Supergirl went from wearing a brunette wig while in her secret identity as Linda Danvers to actually transforming her hair color from brunette to blonde (and shockingly enough, the solution was the same as one a fan came up with twenty years before DC came up with the idea themselves).

In 1983’s Supergirl #17 (by Paul Kupperberg, Carmine Infantino and Bob Oksner), Supergirl laments the fact that she has to wear a wig while in her secret identity…

She dwells on it later in the issue, as well…

Finally, at the end of the issue, after her boss is suspicious about how similar Linda looks to Supergirl, we get her solution…

OF COURSE! Special color-sensitive molecules that you can change color with a special comb! Of COURSE!

Amusingly enough, a few issues later, a reader wrote in to note that EXACT solution had been suggested more than twenty years earlier!

I believe that it was a coincidence (I sincerely doubt Paul Kupperberg was checking through twenty year old letter columns for plot ideas), but it was an awfully funny one!

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