An Appreciation for SDCC, the Largest COMIC BOOK Convention in the United States

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After the first dozen or so similar themed complaint posts on blogs, message boards and the like, it really does seem to occur to me that there’s a distinct subset of comic book fans who attend SDCC that have forgotten the important fact that San Diego Comic-Con is the LARGEST comic book convention in the United States.

In other words, while I perfectly understand the fact that people are not exactly thrilled that Comic-Con has also become the largest pop culture convention in the United States (or is there any even bigger one? There isn’t, is there?)… come on people, this is still the largest celebration of comic books that there is!

It just doesn’t make sense to me to get worked up about the Twilight fans or the people just there to meet non-comic related celebrities when you have what is, again, the largest celebration of comic books that we have in this country!

My buddy Alex was just saying the other day on Facebook that he picked up more cool new books in one day at Comic-Con than he has in the last three months and that dude is ALL about picking up cool comic books.

Finally, when we constantly talk about making comic books accessible to new readers, shouldn’t we show the same excitement for making our comic book conventions accessible to new readers, even if 99% of them likely have no interest in comic books? If you can get ONE percent of the other attendees into comics, then isn’t that awesome? And if you can’t, then oh well, you’re just stuck attending (wait for it) the largest celebration of comic books that we have in this country!