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Amazing Heroes Trading Card Set

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Amazing Heroes Trading Card Set

My buddy Christopher Irving is working on a Kickstarter campaign for a new trading card set featuring the heroes from the first wave of the successful action figure campaign for figures like Captain Action, Stardust and more!

As their press release notes:

Included are Golden Age characters like Stardust (drawn by Erik Larsen), Green Turtle (Sonny Liew), Daredevil (Mike Allred), and Silver Streak (Tim Seeley); also are ‘60s hero Captain Action (Phil Hester) and Mike Allred’s present-day Madman. The trading card set also includes a preview of Wave 2 characters, such as Wonderman by Dean Haspiel–with other artists announced and revealed throughout the campaign.

There’s also a special Captain Action pack of cards…

Just check out the campaign to read more of the perks and see if it is something you’d get a kick out of.

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