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A small but growing collection from Kentucky

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A small but growing collection from Kentucky

Hello and welcome to Shelf Porn! Typically the collections we showcase here are fairly well-established, submitted by fans who have been growing them for quite awhile. Today’s collection, however, from Trevor in Kentucky, is still in its infancy, as he shows us his graphic novels, toys and more.

If you would like to submit your collection for consideration, please check out the submission guidelines, which I’ve updated recently.

And now here is Trevor …


Hello, my name is Trevor from Kentucky. I was recently browsing through the various Shelf Porn submissions on, and thought that I would like to submit some photos of my own. My collection is a small one, and nowhere near as impressive as some of the others that have already been featured. My hope is to add to it as time goes on, however.

This first photo is of some of my favorite graphic novels. There’s quite a few Green Lantern titles in there, some JLA by Grant Morrison, and New 52 Aquaman and Flash, just to name a few. Also pictured is an Aquaman Unlimited figure, as well as two Green Lantern figures – one of Kyle Rayner, and the other is the Ryan Reynolds movie version.

The second photo showcases some items that I have collected for my young son, who just turned 1-year-old. These books and the matching card game will eventually be given to him when he is old enough for them. Notice the Super Friends potty training book!

This photo displays a few of the Aquaman items that I have purchased recently. He is probably my favorite comic book superhero, and I plan on making him my son’s as well. The plush toy will also be something that I give to him when he’s a little older, as well as the story book and small figure. The Hot Wheels car and larger figure will probably remain in their packaging.

Moving along, this photo features two more items that I plan on handing down. The mask and ring set will almost certainly be presented as accessories to a future Halloween costume, and the figure will more than likely be a Christmas or birthday gift at some point down the road.

Finally, I do have some Marvel merchandise on display as well. This photo features a couple of graphic novels – Rick Remender’s Venom vol 1 and Cullen Bunn’s Spider-Man Season One – along with Venom and Spider-Man figures. I have another, more impressive Venom figure from the Spider-Man 3 film. It can be seen in the final photo, along with a Captain America and an Iron Man figure. The Cap, Iron Man and Venom figures in the photo were all purchased recently at an awesome toy store in my hometown called Max Toys and Games. I also purchased the John Stewart Justice League figure and the Super Friends matching card game from there as well. Just wanted to make that plug. Hope it’s okay…

Anyway, thanks for taking a look at my items. I have a small comic book collection that I did not photograph, and I hope to grow that collection as the years go on. Eventually I’d like to have a room dedicated to my books and collectibles where I can maybe frame some special issues for the wall, and display more figures/statues as I get them. It’s kind of a long shot, though, as my wife might not agree with my idea of interior decorating.

Thanks again, and take care!

If you’d like to see your collection featured here on Robot 6, here’s what you need to do:

1. Take some photos and save them as jpgs.
2. Write up a little something about your collection.
3. Send them to me in an email.

Some additional tips:

1. Although we don’t have a minimum or maximum limit on photos, usually 10-15 should suffice. They also don’t need to be huge, so if you can shrink them down so they are less than 1000 x 1000, that would be great. Please send your files in one email … if you have to break them up into multiple emails, something is wrong. Either change the settings on your camera, edit your images before sending them or upload them to someplace like DropBox (see below).
2. You can help make your collection look nice by being sure to focus, use the right lighting, dust your shelves beforehand, etc. Beware of glare off of glass or comic bags!
3. You can either write something up that’ll appear at the beginning of the post, or you can describe each item. Be sure to indicate where each image should be placed within your write-up, but don’t embed the images into a Word doc. Just put the file name in brackets where you want the image to appear. Also, please don’t write your submission as if you’re talking to me — it’ll appear on the site as is, so write it for the general Robot 6 audience.
4. When sending images using something like YouSendIt or DropBox, please keep in mind that I may not get to your submission for a month or more, so make sure you don’t delete them or that they won’t expire. My DropBox account is the same as my email —
5. Please include your name (just your first name is fine) and location with your write-up.
6. There’s no need to send an inquiry about whether or not we want to feature your collection; that’ll just slow the process down. Send your full submission, and if I have any questions or issues I’ll get back to you. Right now we have a backlog of submissions, so if you don’t see your collection right away, don’t despair — it’s coming.

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