A crime comic with killer art in ‘Tommy Centro’

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A crime comic with killer art in ‘Tommy Centro’

“It’s the story of a kid named Tommy Centro, his friends, and one really bad psychopath motherfucker.”

Why paraphrase when writer Jakob Free can sum it up like that? That’s the story of the webcomic series Tommy Centro, which Free and artists Jon Cairns, J.D. Faith and Daniel Irizarri have been serializing for the past year at The series, now 50 pages into its long-form story, follows Centro on the trail of a murderer known as the Enigma Killer, and the complications that ensue with the involvement of friends, family and a retired vigilante named the Roman.

The art is arresting in its quality. Cairns, who also draws the webcomic Alpha Flag, is making leaps and bounds from page to page, finding a style for himself that would be cataloged near FreakAngels‘ Paul Duffield and All-New Ghost Rider‘s Tradd Moore. Irizarri, who took over the series for its second chapter, evokes a more European style, with the measured linework of Moebius and Nowhere Men‘s Nate Bellegarde.

It’s a well-drawn crime story that would seem right at home at Image Comics, but you can read it all for free online. Here’s a sample from Cairns’ Chapter 1 and Irizarri’s Chapter 2.