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75 Greatest Joker Stories Master List

by  in Comic News Comment
75 Greatest Joker Stories Master List

We’ve been celebrating the Joker’s 75th anniversary with a countdown of the greatest Joker comic book stories ever told, as voted on by YOU, the readers! Read on for the complete master list. Click on any story for a write-up about that story (including the creative team on the story in question).


75. “The Joker’s Testimony” (1977’s Batman #294)

74. “The Man Who Wrote Joker’s Jokes” (1951’s Batman #67)

73. “Sherlock Stalks the Joker” (1975’s Joker #6)

72. “Crime-of-the-Month Club!” (1957’s Batman #110)

71. “The Joker’s Crime Costumes!” (1950’s Batman #63)

70. “Joker’s Last Laugh” (1997’s Batman and Robin Adventures #18)

69. “The Crazy Crime Clown!” (1952’s Batman #74)

68. “The Joker’s Double Jeopardy” (1975’s Joker #1)

67. “The Joker’s Journal” (1953’s Detective Comics #193)

66. “The Joker’s Tale” (2000’s Birds of Prey #16)

65. “Trust” (2007’s Detective Comics #833-834)

64. “The Cross-Country Crimes” (1941’s Batman #8)

63. “Under the Red Hood, Part Two” (2005’s Batman #646-650)

62. “The Last Ha Ha” (1975’s The Joker #3)

61. “The Son of the Joker” (1961’s Batman #145)

60. “The Joker’s Millions” (1951’s Detective Comics #180)

59. “The Riddle of the Missing Card” (1940’s Batman #5)

58. “Only Angels Have Wings” (1982’s The Brave and the Bold #191)

57. “This One’ll Kill You, Batman!” (1974’s Batman #260)

56. “The Joker’s Original Robberies” (1966’s Batman #186)

55. “Hazard’s Choice” (1996’s Action Comics #719)

54. “Dark Victory” (2000’s Batman: Dark Victory)

53. “Joker’s Holiday” (1996’s Aztek: The Ultimate Man #6-7)

52. “The Great Pretender” (1993’s Showcase ’94 #1-2)

51. “Superman and Batman’s Greatest Foes!” (1957’s World’s Finest Comics #88)

50. “Images” (1993’s Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #50)

49. “Ghosts” (Batman: Ghosts: Legends of the Dark Knight Halloween Special)

48. “Madness in a Dark Dimension!” (1984’s DC Comics Presents #72)

47. “Joker and Red Skull Team-Up” (1996’s Batman and Captain America)

46. “Hit or Miss!” (1988’s Justice League International Annual #2)

45. “The Joker is Wild!” (1983’s Batman #366)

44. “The Joke” (2003’s Batman #614)

43. “To Laugh and Die in Metropolis” (1987’s Superman #9)

42. “The Demon Laughs” (2001’s Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #142-145)

41. “A Savage Innocence” (1997’s The Spectre #51)

40. “Case Study” (2002’s Batman: Black and White 2)

39. “Batman vs. The Incredible Hulk” (1981’s DC Special Series #27)

38. “Secrets” (2006’s Batman: Secrets #1-5)

37. “Joker: Last Laugh” (2001’s Joker: Last Laugh #1-5)

36. “Laughter After Midnight” (1994’s Batman Adventures Annual #1)

35. “Knights of Knavery” (1944’s Batman #25)

34. “The Return of the Joker” (1990’s Batman #450-451)

33. “World’s Finest” (1990’s World’s Finest #1-3)

32. “The Great Clayface-Joker Feud” (1963’s Batman #159)

31. “The Joker’s Wild!” (1991-1992’s Robin II: The Joker’s Wild #1-4)

30. “Fool’s Errand” (1998’s Detective Comics #726)

29. “The Joker’s Utility Belt” (1952’s Batman #73)

28. “Emperor Joker” (2000’s Superman #160-161, Adventures of Superman #582-583, Superman: The Man of Steel #104-105, Action Comic #769-770 and Superman: Emperor Joker #1 (2000)

27. “Last Laugh” (1982’s Batman #353)

26. The Joker’s Comedy of Errors” (1951’s Batman #66)

25. “Batman R.I.P.” (2008’s Batman #676-681)

24. “Christmas/New Year’s Eve” (1996-97’s Batman: The Long Halloween #3-4)

23. “Catch as Catscan/The Last Laugh” (1986’s Detective Comics #569-570)

22. “Death Has the Last Laugh” (1973’s The Brave and the Bold #111)

21. “Dreadful Birthday, Dear Joker” (1980’s Batman #321)

20. “Man Under the Red Hood” (1950’s Detective Comics #168)

19. “Endgame” (1999’s Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #126, Batman #574 and Detective Comics #741)

18. “Batman and Robin Must Die!” (2010’s Batman and Robin #13-15)

17. “Clown at Midnight” (2005’s Batman #663)

16. “Joker” (2008’s Joker Original Graphic Novel)

15. “Endgame” (2014-15’s Batman #35-40)

14. “Devil’s Advocate” (1996’s Joker: Devil’s Advocate Original Graphic Novel)

13. “Death of the Family” (2012-13’s Batman #13-17)

12. “The Man Who Laughs” (2005’s Batman: The Man Who Laughs Original Graphic Novel)

11. “Soft Targets” (2003’s Gotham Central #12-15)

10. “Going Sane” (1994’s Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #65-68)

9. “Slayride” (2006’s Detective Comics #826)

8. “A Serious House on Serious Earth” (1989’s Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth Original Graphic Novel

7. “The Joker” and “The Joker Returns” (1940’s Batman #1)

6. “A Death in the Family” (1988’s Batman #426-429)

5. “Hunt the Dark Knight” (Batman: The Dark Knight Book 3)

4. “Mad Love” (1993’s The Batman Adventures: Mad Love #1)

3. “Joker’s Five-Way Revenge” (1973’s Batman #251)

2. “The Laughing Fish” (1976-77’s Detective Comics #475-76)

1. “The Killing Joke” (1988’s Batman: The Killing Joke)

Thanks to everyone for voting!

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