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2015 Top 50 DC Characters 3-1

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2015 Top 50 DC Characters 3-1

After over 1,200 ballots were cast, YOU the reader ranked your favorite comic book characters from 1-10. I assigned point totals to each ranking and then my friend Chris tabulated it all into a Top 50 list. We’re now revealing that list throughout the next few weeks. The countdown concludes…

3. Dick Grayson – 3337 points (84 first place votes)

Created by Bill Finger, Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson, Dick Grayson made his debut in Detective Comics #38, just eleven issues after Batman first appeared. His origin was about as succinct as you would like…

He served as Batman’s partner for nearly four decades before their relationship began to deteriorate a bit, mostly over Robin’s role with the Teen Titans. Eventually, Dick decided to give up the Robin identity entirely and debut a brand-new one, based in both his history with Batman as well as his history with other superheroes, spotlighting Dick’s rare (at the time) role in having one foot in both worlds…

Man, they couldn’t even give Nightwing’s debut his own freakin’ page? Seriously?

After time, though, Dick decided to give up on the world of over-the-top superheroing and became a part of the Bat-books once again, with a new costume reflecting his darker role. He took up residence in a town near Gotham where he could make his own way, while still being close by if Batman needed any help. He solidified himself as Nightwing, but when Bruce Wayne was seemingly killed, Dick had to step up and take over the Batman mantle…

He even remained Batman for a time when Bruce Wayne returned, but eventually he decided to return to being Nightwing in the new 52. Recently, his identity was revealed to the whole world. He is now thought to be killed, but instead he will use the fact that everyone thinks he is dead to work as a secret agent. He stars in the ongoing series Grayson.

Go to the next page for #2-1!

2. Superman – 3962 points (129 first place votes)

Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, Superman was born on the planet Krypton, which was about to explode. Scientist Jor-El, knowing he and his wife would not make it, decided to save their son, Kal-El, so they shot him off in a rocket to find a new life. Once on Earth, baby Kal-El gained superpowers that he would not have had on Krypton, and soon became one of the most powerful people on Earth.

Adopted by farmers Jonathan and Martha Kent, Kal-El was given the Earth name of Clark Kent, and he grew up in the small town of, well, Smallville. There he became friends with Lana Lang and Pete Ross.

When Clark grew older, he moved to Metropolis, and began working as a reporter for the Daily Planet, under editor Perry White. There, Clark met reporter Lois Lane, who would later go on to become his wife.

Clark also met Jimmy Olsen, cub reporter who would become Superman’s best pal.

One person who was certainly NOT pals with Superman was Lex Luthor, who really hated Superman, and became Superman’s greatest enemy.

Superman was a founding member of the Justice League of America, where he is still a member.

During All Star Superman, Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely showed how awesome Superman is, as he is slowly dying (due to being poisoned by Lex Luthor, slowly turning Superman’s body into essentially solar energy) but still finds the time to make a difference in a stranger’s life…

At the end of the series, he is near death and Lex Luthor has used a serum he stole from Superman to give himself Superman’s powers for 24 hours.

Superman, though, fights back with a gravity gun that he took from his Fortress. It warps time around Lex, making the 24 hours go by faster than normal. Before he loses his powers, though, Lex gets to see the world the way that Superman does…

What a great concept that was.

So anyhow, time is now running out on the world (which is about to lose the sun, as it has been poisoned by a villain allied with Luthor), but in a little bit of irony, Luthor turning Superman into solar energy, while killing Superman, will also allow Superman to save the sun and thus, the world…

1. Batman – 6217 points (334 first place votes)

Created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, Bruce Wayne is a rich man, but he is a rich man who has led a tragic life. When he was only a boy, Bruce saw his parents murdered in front of him. Bruce dedicated his life then to fighting crime, ultimately becoming the vigilante, Batman, after traveling the world becoming an expert in most fields of study.

His mind and his body at basically peak human condition, Batman waged a one-man war on crime in Gotham City, although eventually, he gained partners, from within the department, like Police Commissioner James Gordon, to partners, like Dick Grayson (first Robin, then Nightwing) and Tim Drake (the current Robin), to other superheroes (Batman was a founding member of the Justice League of America, where he is still a member).

Batman is needed, because Gotham has a LOT of villains, and notable ones, too!

From the Joker to the Riddler to the Penguin to Poison Ivy to Ra’s Al Ghul to Killer Croc to Catwoman (sometimes) to the Ventriloquist to Mr. Zsasz…Batman has his work cut out for him!

During his first arc on the Justice League, when the Hyperclan has captured everyone but Batman, Grant Morrison showed how badass Batman was…

During Batman R.I.P., Grant Morrison has Batman seemingly succumbe to the poisons of the servants of the evil Black Glove. Things look bleak.

Until you open up the pages of Batman #681…

We see that Batman has been preparing for the Black Glove for months, all the way back to when Batman’s life was threatened by the Black Glove’s agents…

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