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11 Takeaways from DC Comics’ December Solicitations

by  in Comic News Comment
11 Takeaways from DC Comics’ December Solicitations

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December looks to be a big month for DC Comics. As revealed in the publisher’s year-end solicitations, December sees the launch of the first major crossover event since the beginning of Rebirth, in addition to the return of several familiar faces to the DC Universe, and a handful of exciting new series launching as we dive head-first into 2017.

To keep track of it all, CBR has broken down the biggest takeaways, running down everything that stands out, and shouldn’t be absent from your pull list, even as you tear apart your wallet in the lead-up to Christmas.

Take a look at CBR’s 11 Takeaways from DC Comics’ December Solicits below:

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  • “Justice League/Suicide Squad” #1 — As revealed earlier this month, the upcoming “Justice League/Suicide Squad” crossover from Joshua Williamson and Jason Fabok is the first major event series since the dawn of Rebirth. The premise strikes us because it marks the first time the Justice League — outside of Batman — becomes aware of Task Force X. That leads us to wonder: How exactly will that change the “Suicide Squad” title going forward, in addition to the Justice League’s trust in, and relationship, with the U.S. government? Considering the high-profile nature of both properties these days, we expect the crossover to have significant ramifications on the future of the DC Universe.
  • “Suicide Squad” #8 — Also in Suicide Squad news, the solicit for Rob Williams, Jim Lee and Scott Williams’ “Suicide Squad” #8 teases, “The unlucky Killer Frost is about to find out when she arrives for her first day at Belle Reve.” Yep, you read that right — classic DC Comics villain Killer Frost is set to join Task Force X in the coming months, and continue to be a part of the team through the “Justice League/Suicide Squad” crossover. This makes a lot of sense since the character has seen risen popularity — thanks to the character making her debut as Caitlin Snow’s Earth-2 alter ego on CW’s “The Flash” — so we don’t see Frost leaving the team anytime soon. However, that does leads us to wonder which other DCTV villains could join the lineup down the road…
  • “Batman Beyond” #3 — In Dan Jurgens and Bernard Chang’s “Batman Beyond” #3, the series will see the debut of the Joker — a first for the Clown Prince of Crime, as he doesn’t typically appear in the future Batman’s timeline. The issue solicit touts that “the comatose Joker awakens,” suggesting a reunion with the classic Batman foe and his futuristic Jokerz gang, and a likely confrontation with Batman Beyond. We do wonder which Joker this is exactly. In animated continuity, former Robin Tim Drake became the Joker — but we don’t necessarily expect that to be the case in this latest “Batman Beyond” run.
  • “Cyborg” #6 — The sixth issue of John Semper Jr. and Allan Jefferson’s “Cyborg” series marks the debut of “She-Borg,” the aptly titled female counterpart of Cyborg — and we couldn’t be more stoked to see how that plays out. The idea of Vic having a female partner sounds like a fun idea, and something that would be cool to carry over into his eventual 2020 film. Another interesting idea teased in the solicit is the notion that She-Borg possesses national security secrets. Considering the current political climate, it’s especially interesting to see a real-world angle on technology and security explored in the DC Universe.
  • “Blue Beetle” #4 — Keith Giffen and Scott Kolins are set to re-tell  the origin of the legacy Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes, in December’s issue. The character has been a fan-favorite, thanks to his various solo series, and appearances in DC Comics-based animated series, and it’s pretty like that the character will his debut in live-action pretty soon. We expect the origin to be the definite one for Reyes going forward — so if you’ve yet to delve into the world of the character, there’s no better opportunity than this. Additionally, the solicit teases a classic Blue Beetle character making a splash in the series, with the line, “Ted Kord is tied up with a new arrival in El Paso—and wait till you see who it is.” Well, with original blue Beetle Ted Kord involved, we can’t help but assume a Booster Gold appearance is inevitable…
  • “Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps” #10 — A lot of fans of ’90s Green Lantern have probably been asking: Where the heck has Kyle Rayner been since Rebirth?! Well, it sounds like December’s “Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps” #10 will lay that question to rest. The beloved legacy Lantern hasn’t had much time on the comics page since “Omega Man” wrapped a few months ago, but it seems he’ll finally be back in a monthly, joining Hal Jordan and the rest of the universe’s Lanterns in Robert Venditti and Ethan Van Sciver’s title. The solicit for the issue teases, “Trapped in a bottle by Larfleeze, the combined Green Lantern and Sinestro Corps find themselves in a race against time to escape from their bottled world as Kyle Rayner searches for a way to reunite with the Corps!” Once again, Kyle Rayner will be the one to save the Green Lantern Corps when they need it the most.
  • “Teen Titans” #3 — Speaking of characters that’ve been M.I.A. since the dawn of Rebirth… Etrigan the Demon! As revealed in the solicit for Benjamin Percy and Jonboy Meyers’ “Teen Titans” #3, the classic Jack Kirby creation will be making a splash in the new DC Comics continuity, teaming up alongside the likes of Ra’s Al Ghul to cause some trouble for the teenage super-team. Since the Demon is typically a hero, it’ll be interesting to see why he’s working alongside Ra’s, and where exactly that’ll lead after his “Teen Titans” appearance. While the character got some love during the New 52 in his own “Demon Knights” series from Paul Cornell and Diogenes Neves, Rebirth serious lacks the Demon, but we’re glad to see “Teen Titans” remedy that.
  • “Injustice: Gods Among Us – Ground Zero” #1 — Christopher Sebela, Pop Mhan and Tom Derenick are due to bridge the gap between the last “Injustice” comic series and the upcoming sequel video game with “Injustice: Gods Among Us – Ground Zero.” Not only that, but as the solicit reveals, the series aims to tell the story of the original game in comics form for the first time, with an interesting twist: “…from the skewed perspective of Harley Quinn.” Who better to describe the plot of a fighting game than Harley Quinn? Considering the high-quality storytelling of the last few “Injustice” series, and the stellar creative team working on this new incarnation, the latest “Injustice” comics outing looks like something that’s not to be missed.
  • “Supergirl: Being Super” #1 — Offering an alternate take on Supergirl’s early years, the upcoming “Supergirl: Being Super” series from Eisner Award winning young adult author Mariko Tamaki and artist Joëlle Jones hits stands in December. The series looks like it will tell a more personal, emotionally introspective take on the Girl of Steel which will touch on the trails and tribulations of having the power of a Kryptonian, in addition to a coming-of-age story, depicting the struggles of being a sixteen year old. Apart from its creative team and interesting premise, the series seems to be a real draw or fans of the “Supergirl” TV series looking for an entry point into comics, since it has a closer focus on the inner character of Kara Zor-El, rather than her role in the greater DC Universe, like the current ongoing.
  • “DC Rebirth Holiday Special” — In the sprit of the season, DC Comics is serving up its very own Rebirth Holiday Special in the middle of the month, featuring stories from fan-favorite creators like Paul Dini, James Tynion IV, Steve Orlando, Cullen Bunn, Tim Seeley, Robbi Rodriguez and Gustavo Duarte, among many, many others. For those of you who couldn’t care less about Christmas, fear not — the one-shot is honoring Holidays of all kind, including a Chanukah story with Batwoman and a Wonder Woman/John Constantine crossover at a “hellblazing pagan party.” Just based on the solicit alone, the special sounds like a heck of a lot of fun, and, well…who doesn’t love a good comic book holiday special?!
  • “DCTV: Supergirl Statue” — December’s going to be a good month for Supergirl. In addition to the new “Supergirl: Being Super” series, December will also see the release of DC Collectibles’ hotly anticipated DCTV Supergirl Statue, modelled after the likeness of the current live-action Supergirl, Melissa Benoist. The statue marks the first of its kind, and accurately represents the actress with a classic Girl of Steel power stance. Considering the rabid fan base of “Supergirl,” and the rising iconic status of the TV series, we expect this statue to sell out quickly — so order it soon!

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Notice anything from DC’s December solicitations we didn’t mention? Sound off in CBR’s DC Comics forum with your picks!

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